Special Announcement

*******ATTENTION********** UP DATE TO BELOW ******* 

A Change in the guidelines from the Livestock Auctioneers Association will come into place in Norwich Livestock Market from 25th July 2020

Face Coverings are VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for all persons entering the maret. Please wear your face covering whilst in the maret including in the sale rings and pens. Please PROVIDE YOUR OWN FACE COVERING.

All people attending the sales must register before the day, this is not optional. In the event of an outbreak of Covid-19 we must keep a thorough log of all Attendees

Strictly ONE ONE vendor per consignment of stock please and families attending in multiples will be asked to leave.

Social distancing must remain a priority and be maintained at ALL times

Only those with essential business (buying and selling) may attend at this time, we regret that "social visits" are strictly prohibited.

No CHILDREN under the age of 16 will be able to attend.

We would like to thank you all for your co-operation and understanding. We must adhere to these guidelines to ensure the live markets can continue THANK YOU

The directors of Norwich Livestock Market are delighted to announce that our next fortnightly sale will be on Saturday 16th May. Please note that all buyers wishing to attend must register with Anita, who can be contacted on 01603 502690, before coming to the market. WE CAN ONLY HAVE A MAXIMUM OF 35 BUYERS IN THE STORE CATTLE RING.  Only intending Purchasers that have pre-registered with Anita will be allowed in. All stock must be booked in prior to the sale day.
Anyone wishing to bring stock into the market MUST PRE-ENTER with Anita

DEFRA have confirmed that markets may still take place. We must apply strict conditions as follows:

General: Please note that only buyers, sellers and hauliers to attend the market. Onlookers, visitors and the general public are not permitted. No person over the age of 70, or who is ill, or has any underlying health issues. No children or any lady who is pregnant should attend. Whilst generally gatherings are not allowed under current Government guidlines, Livestock Markets are permitted to keep the food chain operational. We are taking these precautions to ensure the safety of all our staff and customers.

Vendors: A drop and go system will be in place. Please deliver your animals to the unloading bays with all the relevant paperwork ready and any reserves. Do not leave your vehicles. Market staff will take your paperwork, unload and then take your animals to their pens. All vendors, unless they are registered  as a purchaser, must then vacate the premises. You will not be allowed to park in the auction yard. All trailers must be washed out at home and not in the market. The only exception to this is vendors who wish to purchase. A C&D form will be handed out upon entry to the market and this can be completed and given to those on the gate on exit. Lorries can be washed out in the market


Buyers and Hauliers: All buyers must ring to book in advance of sales, as a register of those that attend the sales will be implemented. Only known registered purchasers and Hauliers will be given access to the market. The will be social distancing of 2 meters between each buyer round the ring. Once the sale has finished we ask you to enter the sales office no more than 2 persons at a time.

Please note that there will be no tea van.

Please sanitize and wash your hands before entering and after leaving the market. There will be hand sanitizers around the market.

Thank you for your co-operation. This is the only way we will be allowed to have a market in the near future.

General notices and sales information

Up to date information regarding the market and some essential information for anyone looking to sell at one of our auctions.
Norwich Livestock Market SAVE protests - a notice from Norfolk Constabulary
Following the recent protests outside Norwich Livestock Market we have reviewed the policing operation and the legislative options available in such scenarios.

Under the Human Rights Act 1998, all public authorities, including the police, must act in a way which is compatible with the rights set out in Schedule 1 of the Act, taken from the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR), unless primary legislation requires them to act otherwise.

The Human Rights Act also requires all primary and subordinate legislation to be interpreted in a way which is compatible with ECHR rights, as far as possible. This means the police have a positive duty to facilitate protest in accordance with the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR).

Two ECHR articles particularly relevant to the issues at the Livestock Market are Article 10 - the right of freedom of expression and Article 11 - the right to freedom of assembly and association. These are qualified rights, which means that in certain circumstances the state can restrict those rights. However in order to do so and for a restriction to be necessary it must be proportionate – no more than required to pursue a legitimate aim. In the case of protests, restrictions should not be made unless there is no other reasonable means to achieve the legitimate aim.

Any assessments and decisions should have regard for the principles of Article 10 and 11. The European Court of Human Rights has ruled that ‘mere speculative danger’ is not an adequate reason to apply preventative restrictions on the right to protest.

As a result any protestors will be advised that whilst we recognise their right to protest, they will be advised the “focus” must be “on what was reasonable in all the circumstances”.  As explained above, the question under the ECHR  is whether an interference with the rights in Articles 10 and 11 is proportionate.  If it is not, then the defendant will have been acting reasonably and will therefore have lawful excuse particularly in relation to causing an obstruction in the highway.  If, however, the interference would be proportionate, the defendant will have been acting unreasonably in all the circumstances and will not have that lawful excuse by way of defence. The law in this area has been tested and relevant case law exists.

Officers will be present at the protest to warn approaching vehicles of a possible obstruction within the road at tactic of the protestors. Officers will also be present to monitor any disruption caused and deal with any spontaneous incidents that occur. Should you wish to report any incidents or need to seek any advice with regard to the protest and how it is managed, officers will be available at the entrance to the market to take the details.

Please be aware that the approach road to the market is a public highway and as such is subject to the provisions of the Road Traffic Act and therefore, any vehicles committing driving offences will be liable for prosecution. It his highly likely that the road ahead of you may be obstructed as you approach the market by protesters, so please ensure that you take account of that obstruction as you drive down the road and leave the appropriate stopping distance.


Please note: no dogs are allowed to be loose on the market premises.


Photography on the market site is strictly by permission only.


A selection of refreshments are available for purchase on site.


Cheque, card and cash payments accepted. We also accept BACS payments.

Cattle and Sheep

TB Rules

Due to new TB rules announced on 6th April, all cattle sold in Norwich Livestock market are from TB4 area, so do not need to be post movement tested.

All cattle vendors in East Anglia should note:
We are seeing more new buyers from TB4 areas coming to Norwich market to aquire TB4 cattle. We have buyers from Norfolk and Suffolk and also now from Cambridgeshire, Lincolnshire, Essex and Bedfordshire. So keep the cattle coming as we have increased demands since the new rules came into place.

There is no need to travel 80-100miles to markets ina  TB1 area.


Some more general information for anyone looking to visit one of our auctions.

Film and Photography
No photography is permitted at the market, for further details see our terms and conditions. All queries to Penny.

Fur and Feather

Specific details regarding fur and feather.


All Entries to Anita on 01603 502690 thank you

please can you enter as early as possible so we can advertise entries on the website