No filming or photography is permitted at the market without the prior consent of Stephen Lutkin or Penelope Lucas. In order for filming to take place, consent must be granted from Stephen or Penny PLUS the owner of the property/vehicle/livestock (and if applicable) PLUS the person in possession of the property/vehicle/livestock. A child under 18 cannot consent. It is important to note that you will have no control over footage once taken. The law relating to data both written and visual is changing with General Data Protection Regulations in May 2018. If you have any queries, please contact Penny.



All stock must be paid for on the sale day without exception. Anyone with an outstanding account on next sale day will not be permitted to bid.

We operate in accordance with current law and legislation relating to Livestock Markets under guidance from the Livestock Auctioneers Association. For more information go to

Animals presented for sale must be free from illness or disease. No animals will be accepted for sale that have signs of illness or disease.

PLEASE NOTE Calves under the age of 12 weeks can only be presented for sale in a Livestock Market once in any 28 day period.



The gates open at 7am and the sale starts at 10.30am. Please can all entries be in the market by 10am at the latest.

Vendor Payment options: In cash, after finish of selling on sale day.  Please note we will note be sending out any cheques due to the cost. Any money not collected on the day will be held over until the next sale for collection.

Purchasers Payment options: In cash or debit card.  Please note we Do Not accept cheques.

  1. Vendors and Purchasers must register at the sales office and are required to bring formal ID, which must show name and address -  you will be given a bidding number. No bidding number no purchase. Last year's bidding numbers are acceptable.

  2. All purchases must be paid for on the day of sale. Cash or debit card only.

  3. All fees must be paid at the time of entry prior to the commencement of the auction in cash. Each cage fee is £2.00. for smaller animals sold in suitable containers only - table top fees are applicable at £1.00 inc VAT each container. Deadstock and miscellany £1 inc VAT, hatching eggs are 50p per lot.


  5. The sale is open to traditional and rare breeds poultry, including ducks, geese, turkeys, guinea fowl, peafowl, pigeons, laying hens and breeding stock etc, cage and aviary birds, rabbits, ferrets, guinea pigs, hamsters, rats and mice, etc.  Also hatching eggs, and miscellaneous small animal sundries.

  6. All animals presented for sale must be free from disease and illness. The Auctioneers decision regarding fitness for sale is final and binding with any animals rejected from the sale having no fees returnable.

  7. All animals must be transported to and from the sale in suitable cages or containers.

  8. All animals/birds/items of deadstock are the Vendors responsibility until the fall of the hammer. Following the fall of the hammer they become the Purchasers responsibility.

  9. Any person or persons not complying with these specific terms and conditions will be banned from Norwich Livestock Market Fur & Feather Sales.

  10. Following payment of any item, the receipted bill of sale must be shown to the Market Porter for the animals/items to be released.

  11. We do not and will not sell cats and dogs.

  12. Sales payments will be paid out in cash on the day or held over until the next sale. Commissions and premiums: Sellers commission is 15%.  Buyers premium is 7.5%

  13. All those who have booked cages must be booked in by 10am on the day of sale. If for any reason vendors who have booked cages are unable to attend, they must contact Anita on 01603 502690. If Vendors are no shows and the market has not heard from them by 10am on the sale day, cages will be released to the next vendor on the waiting list. No shows with no contact with the market will be charged their cage fees on their next statement.

  14. EQUINES - All equines will be inspected on arrival for their suitability for sale. Equine passports must be registered with the office for movement notification onto the office records.   Only bona fide owners of the animals presented for sale will be permitted to sell them, ie no agents will be permitted to sell an animal in their possession but not in their ownership. Passports will be rigorously checked to see that they match the animal presented for sale. Equines considered unfit for sale, ie unkempt, underweight and not seen to be thriving will not be accepted for sale. Foals require passports. No foal will be accepted for sale without its own passport.