Cattle and Sheep

Saturday 6th April

Order of Sale

Sheep - 10.30am

Calves - 11am

Cull, Breeding and Store Cattle: 12 o'clock onwards.


Keith Rose 07960 392840

Phillip Dale 07881 907504



For entries to be included in the sale catalogue they must be recieved before 1pm on the Friday before the sale


Cattle and Sheep

Breeding Cattle

20 Hereford x Cows & Charolais x Calves born January-March 2019. (Outwintered).

1 Pure Bred Simmental Hef Bn 17-4-2016,
1 Pure Bred Simmental Hef Bn 6-6-2016,
1 Pure Bred Simmental Hef Bn 29-3-2017.  

Fat Cattle

Please note: National conditions of sale do not apply to any cull animal sold in the market.





Store Bulls

More details as soon as they are available.

Store Cattle

6 Continental x Stores 8-10m.o from Davis Dairies Foxley.

16 Charolais x (8 Steers & 8 Hefs) 9-10m.o from SG Lutkin & Son Langley.

2 Pure Simmental  (Steer & Hef) 11-14m.o from EJ Revell Iketshall st Andrew. 

2 Aberdeen Angus x Steers 18mo from K. Geddes-Green





Calves & Stirks

3 Hereford x Calves from Tom Crawford Topcroft.

20 Hereford x, Angus x & B-Blue x Stirks from Houghton Hall.


More details as soon as they are available.


Other Services

Our services include retirement & reduction sales, stock-taking valuations, compensation claims, land & farm sales, machinery & implement sales

For more information contact either

Keith Rose 07960 392840 or

Philip Dale 07881 907504

Private Buyer

Wanted Limousin Stock Bull 5-6y.o
contact Keith Rose on 07960 392840.

Which is better?

To have 10p/Kilo less and get full weight.
Or have 10p/Kilo more and have 2-3 Kilo deducted at the bridge.
Please make sure to read all information regarding auctions on our notices page before attending to either sell or purchase livestock. Thank you.

We would like to thank all the sheep producers that have made the sheep section at Norwich Livestock Market grow to the fantastic numbers we are now seeing. The quality is excellent. We can only see this section growing as the sheep numbers generally increase in Norfolk and Suffolk.

To help us to help you, we do need to have notification of the numbers you will be sending on market day.  On 18th January I was expecting approx 200 sheep and over 600 were presented for sale which is wonderful but when we speak to potential buyers on Thursday and Fridays pre-sale day, and we inform them of declared numbers, then if 400 extra appear, we are unable to contact these buyers so late as the morning of the sale. We have lots of possibilities for your sheep to be placed so a simple text, phone call or online entry would make our job much easier to achieve a better job for you.  Whether it is fat lambs, cull ewes, breeding sheep or store lambs, please help us to help you.

Richard Criddle is our sheep fieldsman/sheep grader so if you are unsure if your sheep are fit to kill or not, speak to Richard. Please come early as he is very happy to handle your sheep with you and advise you as to which sections they are most suitable for.  Although the decision will always be yours, it is our endeavour to supply the different sections with the product that is required. Another important issue is that we need to start on time at 10.30am - the earlier you can book in, the smoother the operation of the whole of the sale day.

Any feedback or questions are welcomed. Please phone us on 01603 502690 or use the online entry form.

Assuring you of our best attention at all times.


  • Notice to all sheep vendors. As of January 1st 2015 all sheep must have an electronic tag in place. No tag, no sale and they will be sent home.
  • All enquiries to Anita on 01603 502690
  • Next sale will be held on 9th February 2019.