Market Report


Saturday 27th February 2021

Auctioneers: Philip Dale & Tim Webster.


292 Head of Cattle & Calves.

Store and Breeding Cattle

Stores were considerably dearer than even a week ago. Our advice to those who dont like money is - sell them privately !!   Last week we touched on nuclear reactions. After many farmers requested at the market yesterday, this week we look at trading philosophy from me of the greatest and most famous speculators - "All through time, people have basically acted and reacted the same way in the market as a result of greed, fear, ignorance and hope. That is why the numercial formations and patterns reocur on a constant basis, over and over, with slight variations. Because markets are driven by humans and human nature never changes"
Saler 34mo £1410 ER Ling & Son
Simx 20mo £1205 GJ Hancy
Saler 33mo £1180 ER Ling & Son
Simx 15mo £1170 GJ  Hancy
Albion 21mo £1155 W Bloom
Simx 15mo £1110 GJ Hancy
Simx 21mo £1100 J Everson
Simx 28mo £1065 J Everson
Albion 24mo £1065 W Bloom
Simx 15mo £1060 GJ Hancy
Limx 9mo £1040 Cook and Colman
Simx 12mo £1020 A Hurn & Partners
Simx 12mo £1000 A Hurn & Partners
S.Horn 12mo £1000 WE Chantry
L/Red 12mo £1050 J Carrick
Limx 12mo £980 B Francis
Limx 12mo £980 R Wright
Hereford 12mo £870 J Brown
Limx 9mo £850 Davis Dairies
Limx 34mo £1300 T Kemp Farms
Simx 15mo £1045 GJ Hancy
AA 26mo £1045 CW Nunn
Simx 21mo £1040 GJ Hancy
Simx 15mo £1000 GJ Hancy
Limx 33mo £935 F Fryatt
Saler 16mo £915 Chalke Farms
Limx 19mo £900 R Criddle
Limx 8mo £890 Rounding Bros
Limx 20mo £870 M Clare
Sim 12mo £970 High London Farm
S/Horn 11mo £780 WE Chantry

(9) Cull & Prime Cattle

A very solid trade with cows to 150ppkg from ER Ling & Son up to £979 for Brandon Francis

Important notice to Farmers - please get Farm Assured if you can, it makes a real difference.


Breeding Cattle

Simmental x older cows with Twins sold to £1755 for Lambert & Co and South Devon cow with heifer calf to £1200 for Christine Hanton

(60) Calves

Thank God the weather is getting warmer. An excellent entry of quality calves met another very firm trade with the Angus calves a bit firmer on the week Top price went to Davis Dairies with a strong Limx at £470. CW Potter topped the Blues at £375 with Alex Dann to £330. Angus peaked at £230 for David Parsons, £210 for Alex Dann and £190 for R. Paterson. Herefords made £220 for SC & CB Gapp, £170 Tom Crawford and £140 LG Brigham. Black and Whites to £180 for CW Potter



SHEEP (846)

A cold frosty start to Norwich today but as soon as the sale started trade was seriously on fire melting away all the frost !  The staff did a remarkable job sorting the sheep with many farmers turning up at the same time. More sheep are required to fill buyers orders.
The lamb trade as firm as ever with buyers having new orders today which ignited an already fierce trade especially for the lighter lambs. James Lord topping at 317.28ppkg and James Case £139 per head.

Standard Lambs (209) 262.40 to 317.28 av 281.51 £87 to £114 av £103.24
Medium Lambs (209) 260.10 to 302.60 av 281.88 £104 to £130 av £118.76
Heavy Lambs (115) 252.38 to 283.10 av 270.60 £118 to £133 av £128.10
Heavy+ Lambs (30) 219.40 to 278.22 av 257.13 £116 to £139 av 131.88

(144) Cull Ewes

A few more entries with farmers having a sort out after recent harsh weather. Good show of meaty ewes forward with spirited bidding. Top price went to Rob Martin at £136.
£40 to £136 av £89.54

Cull Rams (6)
£23 to £96 av £78.33

Store Hoggs (102)

What a trade throughout - ON FIRE !!
Blue texel x (8) £110 to £138 av £120.67
Texel x (47) £56 to £114 av £90.20
Charollais (10) £74 to £103 av £90
Southdown (2) £79 to £113 av £96
Suffolk x (5) to £88 av £88
Mule x (2) to £117 av £117
Jacob x (12) £79 to £80 av £79.33
XBred (9) £55 to £96 av £77.66
WF Woodlands (3) to £75 av £75
B/F Leicester (2) to £68 av £68
Soay (2) £39 to £42 av £40.50

XBred Ewes with singles (10) to £82 per life
XBred Ewes with Twins (25) to £74 per life
Long Wool Ewes in Lamb to Charollais to £115

Breeding Sheep (3)

F/M In Lamb Mules x due March to Blue Texel to £105
6T Lleyn x due March to Blue Texel to £122
5yo Pedigree Shetland Ram £43


Entries for future sale to Tim Webster on 07437 101163.