Market Report


Saturday 28th November 2020

Auctioneers: Philip Dale & Tim Webster.


195 Head of Cattle & Calves

Store and Breeding Cattle

A much lighter show of store cattle found demand outstripping supply yet again. The stronger types have been selling better recently and trading was no different even though we rarely see real big ones, our medium cattle sold to £1080 and looked expensive. The smaller are more variable with good shaped sorts outselling plainer types. Not many put reserves on these days,  however those that did saw prices up to £280 over the reserve. You do not need to be Albert Einstien to work out how the trade was !!
Limx 18mo £1080 A. White
Simx 20mo £1080 JB Dring
Simx 21mo £1070 D Roll
AA 19mo £970 NP Key
Simx 19mo £955 D Roll
Limx 18mo £945 S. Dodman
Limx 19mo £940 D Roll
Limx 18mo £940 S. Dodman
Limx 19mo £920 S.G Lutkin & Son
Simx 21mo £920 D Roll
Limx 18mo £1060 A. White
S.Dev 20mo £990 Holkham Livestock
Simx 19mo £980 JB Dring
Limx 18mo £830 S Dodman
S.Dev 9mo £870 Bures Farm Partners
S.Dev 10mo £780 Bures Farm Partners
Hfd 10mo £770 Bures Farm Partners
Red 20mo £770 Carrick & Son

(4) Cull & Prime Cattle

A very small entry was well sold on the trade with a clean heifer from Capon & Son selling to 183ppkg or £1024

Important notice to Farmers - please get Farm Assured if you can, it makes a real difference.


Breeding Cattle

Hereford x & Limx x Heifer Calf £1325 R. Paterson
Char x & Lim x Heifer Calf £1590 RM Shaw & AJ Goate
Limx & Lim x Heifer Calf £1100 D & S Wharton

(80) Calves

A good entry and a bit of quality saw an excellent trade. Blues, Limousins, Angus & Herefords again sought after and with top prices again exceeding £400.  CW Potter & Son had bull calves to £415 and £400. Alex Dann sold bulls to £360 and £340. R. Paterson made £348 for a Limousin bull calf and David Parsons got £280 for an A. Angus bull. Hereford heifer calves topped at £190 for Coston Hall Farms and £158 for CB & SC Gapp. Next market is Saturday 12th December and will be our Christmas Show & Sale of Calves.
Classes for Continental and Native Breeds
under 2 months and over 2 months
Judge Mr Roger Long



SHEEP (351)

Good to see a full compliment of buyers this week and farmers pleased after todays returns. Next week is our Christmas Fatstock Show & Sale. Please send entries to me ASAP for Best pair of Lambs under 40kg and Best pair of lambs over 40.1kg
The lambs a bit short on numbers this week, especially with trade up. What lambs were entered were keenly fought over and topping at 246.60ppkg and £109 per head for Alburgh Lambs quality sheep.
STANDARD LAMBS (66) 200.00 to 232.80 av 219.36 £76.00 to £89.50 av £79.83
MEDIUM LAMBS (46) 196.40 TO 246.60 av 212.58 £77.00 to £109.00 av £90.77
HEAVY LAMBS (101) 193.00 to 223.90 av 204.54 £91.00 to £106.00 av £97.23
HEAVY + (31) 186.40 to 208.00 av 196.27 £97.80 to £107.50 av £102.50

Auctioneer Tim Webster ALAA.

(29) Cull Ewes

A very small entry today with all selling well and many more could have been sold. J.E. Spratt of Swaffham topped the market with a shapey Texel x Ewe at £132.
£44 to £132 av £86.72

Store Lambs (67)

Store lambs continue to be on fire
Blue Texel x £78 to £90 av £84.00
Texel x (48) £69 to £74.50 Av £71.75
Suffolk x (5) to £73
Jacob & Welsh (8) £43 to £55 av £49.00

Breeding Sheep (11)

Texel x Shearlings (3) to £138.00
Jacob x Welsh Searlings (8) to £79.00


Entries for future sale to Tim Webster on 07437 101163.