Detailed market report for the sale on Saturday 19th September 2020  2020 Please click the title for the report.

Market Report   Saturday 19TH SEPTEMBER 2020 Auctioneers: Philip Dale & Tim Webster. Notes 258  Head of Cattle & Calves 201 Store and Breeding Cattle We've turned the corner and were in Quality Street !!  Probably the best show of cattle in terms of quality at Norwich in recent years, so thanks to all the sellers and buyers for their support.There is not stopping it at the moment, with Steers from A. Hurn & Partners to £1155, Heifers from A.J. Austin to £1130 and Cows & Calves from A. Hodge to £1690.HIGHLIGHTSSTEERSSimx 19mo £1155 A. Hurn & PartnersSimx 18mo £1120 A. Hurn & PartnersLimx 22mo £1080 N. FrostSimx 18mo £1075 Holkham EstatesSimx 19mo £1070 A. Hurn & PartnersLimx 15mo £1060 R WrightSimx 18mo £1040 A. Hurn & PartnersSimx 17mo £1000 Holkham EstatesSaler          £ 950 A.J. AustinHereford    £ 945 Howlett FarmingHEIFERSSaler 36mo £1130 A.J. AustinSaler 24mo £1040 A.J. AustinSimx 22mo £1030 J & J HadinghamLimx 15mo £1030 N. FrostLimx 17mo £1010 D & S LivestockLimx 17mo £1000 A HodgeAA 21mo £990 N. FrostBBx 20mo £980 R. CriddleBBx 21mo £970 D & S LivestockLimx 16mo £935 Davis DairiesSaler         £930 Erpingham House FarmsLimx         £910 Davis Dairies DONT FORGET TO GET FARM ASSURED IF YOU CAN, IT ALL HELPS (6) Cull & Prime Cattle A small entry and with National quotations down a bit, nothing startling today. Overage steers to 135ppgk (Tony Beeson) and Cows to 122ppkg (SG Lutkin & Son) Important notice to Farmers - please get Farm Assured if you can, it makes a real difference.   Breeding Cattle (51) Calves & Stirks The climate in the calf ring was very hot today and an unprecedented trade was witnessed. A. Angus bull calves from CW Potter sold to £480, with B. Blue bulls from the same vendor to £410 and B. Blue heifers to £390. Suckler Bred Limousin bull calves to £450 for G. Rust-Andrews. David Parsons sold A. Angus bulls to £335, £335, £325 and £305. RJ Barnes sold B.Blue bulls to £338 and heifers to £310. R. Paterson sold B.Blue bulls to £295 and Limousin heifers to £265. CB & SC Gapp sold Hereford Bulls to £258 and £252 Stirks . SHEEP (1045) A very good entry in the sunshine at Norwich today, a good crowd of buyers and plenty of farmers with a smile and prices generally very good.PRIME LAMBS (348)What a trade again. Lambs holding their value and today we had a good compliment of buyers keen to bid. A few plainer sorts today, but the meated lambs more than made up. Top prices were Alburgh Lamb at 264.7ppkg and £137 per head for J. Forrester, Tattersett.Standard Lambs (124) 181.8 to 230.5 ave 200.58 £65 to £83 ave £73.61Medium Lambs (147) 181.3 to 234.5 ave 214.04 £72 to £104 ave £88.03Heavy Lambs (56) 187.7 to 264.7 ave 224.32 £92 to £126 ave £108.50Heavy + Lambs (21) 196.0 to 219.2 ave 209.65 £100 to £137 ave £117.50 Auctioneer Tim Webster ALAA. (121) Cull Ewes Good show of meated ewes forward and our very own Richard Criddle topping the market at £100 for a Texel.£16 to £100 ave £70.45CULL RAMS (8)£10 to £112 Ave £32.75 Store Lambs (334) A very decent entry with a good company of buyers keen to bid. Prices continue to be good and topping at £92 for Mark Daniels Beltex LambTexel x (215) £53 to £75 ave £62.82Lleyn (5) to £63Suffolk x (12) £66 to £76 Ave £71Romney (13) to £66Hampshire (4) to £50Southdown (4) to £60Dorset (16) to £47Kerry Hills (34) £47 to £68 Ave £58.33Zwartble (5) to £56XBreeds (8) £30 to £77Hebredian (6) to £21 Breeding Sheep BREEDING EWES (192)Various quality forward today, all sold with quality selling very well. Rare Breeds harder to placeBlue Texel Ewe Lambs (2) to £116Scotch 1/2 Bred Ewe Lambs (9) to £84Texel x Shearling Ewes (67) £90 to £126 Ave £109.57Texel x Easycare 2 Shear (5) to £60Charollais x Shearling Ewes (7) to £123Charollais x Ewes Full Mouth (24) £83 to £102 Ave £92Char x Texel Ewes Full Mouth (15) to £113Welsh x Shearling Ewe (1) to £77Suffolk x 2 Shear (5) to £63Mules Aged (14) to £42Cross Breeds 6 & 4 Tooth (14) to £76Manx 6 & 4 Tooth (12) to £39Mixed Rare Breeds (17) to £31 BREEDING RAMS (39)Most Rams forward for some time with all sizes, shapes and breeds finding good homes.M.V. ACCREDITED RAMS (6)Pedigree Blue Texel Ram Lambs (2) £190 to £200 Ave £195Suffolk Shearling Rams (1) to £280Charollais Shearling Rams (2) to £110Charollais 6 Tooth Ram (1) to £125NON M.V. ACCREDITED RAMS (33)Michelle Lakey buying the 2 best Rams of the day, both from Sue Amos £440 and £4803/4 Beltex x 1/4 Dutch Texel (1) to £480Beltex 2 Shear (1) to £440Charollais x Beltex (1) to £160Hampshire Shearling (3) to £150Texel (6) £150 to £195 Ave £169Other Breeds (17) £60 to £85 Ave £72.50Wensleydale Shearling (1) to £75Manx (3) to £20 PLEASE BOOK YOUR ENTRIES IN FOR OUR FORTHCOMING SPECIAL BREEDING SHEEP SALES  October 17th THANK YOU TO ALL FARMERS FOR UNLOADING THEIR STOCK AND LEAVING IT TO US DURING THESE TRYING TIMES Entries for future sale to Tim Webster on 07437 101163.