Market Report


Saturday 19th Otober 2019

Auctioneers: Keith Rose, Philip Dale & Tim Webster.


 260 Head of Cattle & Calves

260 Store & Breeding Cattle.

160 Store & Breeding Cattle 
Store Cattle slightly less about and quality down a bit on recent weeks met probably the most difficult trade of the year, with buyers more cautious for all but the better end.  Out of spec and poor shaped cattle were not wanted, however, having said all that, there were plenty of bidders for shapey cattle.

Simx      17mo   £995 LJ & JL Mitchell
AA         18mo   £960 LJ & JL Mitchell
Limx       13mo  £855 EF Shinfield
Charx     20mo  £840 JD Darrell
Simx                 £830 DN Gardner
Simx                 £730 Lambert & Co
Limx                 £795 R. Criddle
BBx                  £765 Pearn Wyatt
BBx      18mo  £880 J. Peacock
Simx     16mo  £875 Pearn Wyatt
Charx    18mo  £795 J. Peacock
Limx      17mo £785 KM Key & Son
Limx               £720 EF Shinfield
L. Red             £715 Carrick & Son


(10) Cull Cattle

Cull cows are worth a bit less, but trade held up well and was very competitive with strong cows from H. Collins to 120ppkg or £912


Breeding Cattle

Cows and Calves continue to sell well, with young Sim cows with bull calf to £1400 from Lambert & Co, the same vendor with an older cow with bull calf at £1200. BBx with limx bull calf from R & D Penn to £960 and BBx cow with lim x heifer calf from R. Miller to £1100

(90) Calves & Stirks

A better entry and although a lot of markets were less money this week, we were not. BB heifer calves to £300 for Potter & Son with others from the same vendor to £295 and £290. BB bull calves from Alex Dann to £285 and £275 with Angus bulls to £218. David Parsons sold Angus Bulls to £210 and £205 and heifer calves to £190. Black and White bulls from David parsons to £60
Stirks were tricky again, with Sim x Steers from N. Rix to £485 and Angus bulls from T. Seaman to £455.



SHEEP (800)

Auctioneer Tim Webster ALAA.
Biggest entry for sometime. Overall a bit harder work selling today, but more lambs required. 

 I will be out and about Norfolk visiting customers, if you require a visit, please get in touch 07437101163 to discuss marketing of your stock.

Top price of £110 for J. Rust Andrews and top average of 191ppkg Overall average 158,26ppkg
Light Lambs (25.5-32kg)      

Standard Lambs (32.1-39kg)  151p to 167ppkg average 167ppkg

Medium Lambs (39.1-45.5kg) 140p to 191ppkg average 171.0ppkg

Heavy Lambs (45.6-52kg)   142p to 159ppkg average 162.0ppkg

Extra Heavy Lambs (52.1kg +) 124p to 161ppkg


(67) Cull Ewes

Smaller entry than expected, Ritchie topping at £61.
£7 to £61 average £35.40

M. Britton topped at £75 for some Charolais Rams
£12 to £75 average £64.50

(260) Store Lambs

Larger entry than previous weeks. B. Bradshaw topped the day with Texel x at £59
£23 to £59 average £50.70

Breeding Sheep (283)

Mixed lots but all found good homes. Ruth Barnes, Forncett St Peter sold a lovely pen of Texel Ewes to £120
£16 to £120 average £53.11

Pedigree Beltex £300
Charolais £200
Blue Texel £120

Entries for future sale to Tim Webster on 07437 101163.