Market Report


Saturday 5th Otober 2019

Auctioneers: Keith Rose, Philip Dale & Tim Webster.


 315 Head of Cattle & Calves

308 Store & Breeding Cattle.

231 Store & Breeding Cattle 
Another excellent entry and a packed ring of buyers. The stores were a mixed show in terms of quality, but trade was slightly dearer than the previous market, with plainer sorts still relativeley difficult but loads of bidders for quality.  Top spot again to Jack Peacock with BBx and Limx Steers to £970
BBx  18mo   £970 J. Peacock
Limx 16mo   £970 J. Peacock
Limx 16mo   £960 A. Hodge
Limx 17mo   £950 J. Peacock
Limx 25mo   £940 J. Glister
Limx            £820 R. Criddle
AA               £860 Mrs J. Cargill
Hfdx            £810 S. Holden
Simx           £785 Cator Estates
Limx 19mo   £785 M. Webb
Hfdx 20mo   £785 J.Gray
Hfdx 19mo   £725 J. Gray


(8) Cull Cattle

Yet another good trade with cows from Ben Key to 128p (£1049) and 124p from P.R. Wales (£999)


Breeding Cattle

An entry of Longhorn Cows with Limousin x Calves from D.N. Gardner sold to £915 with other outfits to £1010 for a Hereford Cow with Lim Calf and the same price for a Sim x Cow with Lim x Calf from M. Alexander. £1000 for a Sim Cow & Calf from J. Doyle. 2 Superb shaped Limousin Young Bulls from D. Wharton made £1410 and £1210

(69) Calves & Stirks

Wow !!  This was not expected -- a flyer !
Almost more buyers than calves this week with BB Bull calves from Alex Dann to £300. BB heifers from the same vendor to £295. Other BBs from Potter & Son to £285 for Bulls and £250 for Heifers. Messers Gapp also sold BB heifers to £280. D. Parsons sold AA bulls to £270 and heifers to £250
Lincoln Red Stirs to £395 from Charlie Haste



SHEEP (624)

Auctioneer Tim Webster ALAA.
Its a sad day in the sheep section as Amy Kinge worked her last day for a while as she jets off to New Zealand and we wish her all the best for her foreign travels.

 The next sale in October we have a breeding sale, please forward entries ASAP

 I will be out and about Norfolk visiting customers, if you require a visit, please get in touch 07437101163 to discuss marketing of your stock.

A few less about in this section with a few more placed in the stores. Top lambs selling to £84 and ppkg at 190p. Overall average 162.52ppkg
Light Lambs (25.5-32kg)       

Standard Lambs (32.1-39kg)  157p to 174ppkg average 167ppkg

Medium Lambs (39.1-45.5kg) 150p to 190ppkg average 171.0ppkg

Heavy Lambs (45.6-52kg)   153p to 178ppkg average 162.0ppkg

Extra Heavy Lambs (52.1kg +) 159ppkg


(209) Cull Ewes

More about this week with a few meatier sorts, though trade back nationally Norwich held up well.

(222) Store Lambs

Again more about with good pen fulls on offer. The pick of the bunch were Ruth Millers at £92
£7 to £92 averager £45.67

Breeding Sheep

£43 TO £110 Average £67.96
£40 TO £110 Average £69

Entries for future sale to Tim Webster on 07437 101163.