Market Report


Saturday 16th November 2019

Auctioneers: Keith Rose, Philip Dale & Tim Webster.


 390 Head of Cattle & Calves

268 Store & Breeding Cattle.

268 Store and Breeding Cattle
an excellent entry and an excellent trade! New buyers all over the place added up to plenty of competition for all cattle and higher prices than of late, Helped no doubt by a touch more life in the beef market. Cook & Colman topped the steers with BB x at £900 (11m.o) followed by Fred Fryatt at £895 (20m.o ) Lim x.
BB x 11m.o £900 Cook & Colman
Lim x 12m.o Cook & Colman
Lim x 20m.o F Fryatt
Shorthorn 19m.o 875 RF & RJ Parker
Lim x 15-18m.o £835 J Peacock
Char x £760 Davis Dairies
Sim x £750 Exning Estates
BB x £800 R Sewell
Lim x £810 R Criddle
Lim x £815 M Webb

BB x 26m.o £835 J Fuller
Lim x 18m.o £800 J Peacock
BB x 12m.o £800 R Sewell
Char x £680 Davis Dairies
BB x £725 Cook & Colman
Lim x £790 R Parker


(23) Prime & Cull Cattle

Cull cows are hard work at present, However all lots sold well in line with other centres. Hefs reached 157ppkg or £1004, older cows to 117ppkg or £824, Steers reached 127ppkg or £959.

IMPORTANT NOTICE, Please Please get Farm Assured its worth it!!!


Breeding Cattle

Ian Hodge sold young Continental x Cows BRW Limousin Bull which reached £1100 for a 43m.o & £1030 for a 30m.o.

(99) Calves & Stirks

We had a new buyer present today, But trade was hard work and slow! BB x bull calves reached £235 (CW Potter) and £212 (Alex Dann), AA x hefs sold to £202 for (FW Parsons) with bull calves to £198 (Coston Hall) Her x bulls to £180 for (Tom Crawford).



SHEEP (344)

Auctioneer Tim Webster ALAA.

Less entries today, But all the sheep forward sold well with buyers very keen for all sorts. Please book in entries for the fatstock show on the 14th december(Details on website).

Good trade throughout, keen bidding with lambs in demand, Alburgh Lamd topping the market with lambs making £97 and averaging 211ppkg.

A special thank you to Shirley Keeler of Hardley for donating a store lamb at the last market, which was sold for Norwich Cancer Charities, The lamb originally sold for £100, but was reoffered several times and the accumulative price was £850, which i would like to thank all the various buyers. Also a signed Norwich City football shirt was sold at £350.

 I will be out and about Norfolk visiting customers, if you require a visit, please get in touch 07437101163 to discuss marketing of your stock.

PRIME LAMBS (137) (Av 193.88ppkg)
Light Lambs (25.5-32kg) Av 183ppkg      

Standard Lambs (32.1-39kg)  average 192.51ppkg

Medium Lambs (39.1-44.5kg average 187.86ppkg

Heavy Lambs (45.6-52kg) average 176.18ppkg

Extra Heavy Lambs (52.1kg +) 148p to 164ppkg average 155ppkg


(53) Cull Ewes

Pretty good meated Ewes about again & wanted and a keen trade throughout.
£13 to £75 average £54.26
£30 to £64 average £50

(106) Store Lambs

Plenty of buyers wanting lambs today from £25 to £72.50 average £56.62

Breeding Sheep

Still a few about today, again for what was in sold well £40 to £75 Averaging £60.50.

Entries for future sales to Tim Webster on 07437 101163.