Market Report


Saturday 13th July 2019

Auctioneers: Keith Rose, Philip Dale & Tim Webster.


 259 Head of Cattle & Calves

259 Store & Breeding Cattle.

Another excellent entry found many spirited farmer bidders and met an excellent trade - again not wishing to sound like a broken record, in excess of current finished cattle levels. In the Breeding section, Raven Bros topped the market with a B. Blue x Cow and young calf at foot £1500. John Watson made £1160 of an Angus Cow and Calf outfit and £1140 for a nice Hereford Cow with Limousin x Heifer Calf. 
In the store cattle, whilst there was no real strength, quality always sells and our under pressure buyers had to compete very strongly to secure them. We would continue to encourage sellers to get farm assured, as it does help with meated cows and cattle.

Hereford        19mo  £940  L. Granger
Angus           18mo  £940   L. Granger
Limx             15mo  £900   K.M. Key & Sons
Blonde x       14mo  £875   R. Criddle Livestock
Limx             9mo   £865   Davis Dairies
BBx             16mo   £825   Five Berries Cattle
Limx                       £830   F. Kinge
Limx                       £820  HM & IC Stiff
Charx                      £755  S.G. Lutkin

Limx            14mo   £920   Davis Dairies
Simx            17mo  £875   J. W. Woodrow
Limx            14mo  £835   K.M. Key & Sons
Limx            14mo  £830   J.M. Fryatt
Limx            16mo  £825   Davis Dairies
Limx            22mo  £820   HM & IC Stiff
Angus x       16mo  £800   Paul Harvey
Angus x                 £775   L. Granger
Limx                     £790    J.M. Fryatt

(4) Cull Cattle

A small entry of cull cows were well enough sold, up to 124ppkg for Ian Stiff.  A top price of £952 per head went to Mr. Mack with an Angus Cow


Breeding Cattle

(88) Calves

A larger entry than expected, but it didnt matter as there were plenty of buyers to snap them up at similar levels.  Suckler bred Simmental steer calves sold to £445 (Meadow Farms) B.Blue Bulls sold to £355 from C.W. Potter, £345 Alex Dann. B. Blue heifer calves reached £335 from C.W. Potter. Angus calves were well sought after and finally finding David Parsons, he topped the market at £240. R.Paterson sold to £215, as did Alex Dann. Good Herefords were particularly sought after, with Tom Crawford making £255 for Bull calves, while Colin Gapp got up to £220


Prime Sheep (225)

Auctioneer Tim Webster

The friday before the next sale, I will be out and about Norfolk visiting customers, if you require a visit, please get in touch 07437101163 to discuss marketing of your stock.

Light Lambs (25.5-32kg)

Standard Lambs (32.1-39kg)  163.8p to 182.3ppg Average 174.1ppkg

Medium Lambs (39.1-45.5kg) 178.3p to 217.0ppkg Average 188.8ppkg

Heavy Lambs (45.6-52kg) 180.1p to 200.0ppkg Average 189.8ppkg

Extra Heavy Lambs (52.1kg +) 181.8p to 181.8ppg Average 181.8ppkg
All lambs sold averaged £79.03 (186.02ppkg)

HOGGS (3) to £84 (163.65ppkg)

(45) Cull Ewes

Smaller entry than previous weeks but better prices throughout and averaging £67.44

(59) Breeding sheep & Store Lambs


 A good entry of Ewes & Lambs from M.J.Daniels.
Ewes & Lambs (35) £75 to £140 Average £109.47
Shearling Rams (2) to £108
Store Lambs (22) £46 to £55 Average £52.86