Market Report


Saturday 29th June 2019

Auctioneers: Keith Rose, Philip Dale & Tim Webster.


 170 Head of Cattle & Calves

132 Store & Breeding Cattle.

Another excellent entry for the time of the year with new vendors and new buyers present. A very nice trade ensued which far exceeded the current level of finished cattle.
In the store cattle section, steers sold to £900 for an 18mo BBx from R. Brittain and heifers also sold to £900 for a BBx 11mo from Anita Padfield. All classes of cattle had many, many bidders leaving sellers pleased and buyers half pleased.
BBx 18mo £900 R. Brittain
Hfdx 16mo £830 W. Bloom
Limx 8-9mo £825 KM Key & Sons
Limx 7mo £810 KM Key & Sons
Limx 8mo £805 SG Lutkin & Son
Simx 7mo £805 SG Lutkin & Son
BBx 11mo £900 Anita Padfield
Charx 12mo £845 PJ Mitchell
Limx 15-19mo £800 R.Brittain
Limx £775 Ian Stiff
Limx £800 R. Brittain
Simx £770 Mr. Taylor
Limx £705 KM Key & Sons

(7) Cull Cattle

A small entry of cows met a very firm trade. Top price to R. Brittain with a BBX Cow at 131ppkg £851. The same vendor with another BBx Cow at 129ppkg £922. Overall average 115ppkg £812 per head


Breeding Cattle

In the Breeding Cattle Section, quality in calf Limousin Heifers from A. Hodge, PD in calf reached £1600 and an empty heifer £1140. BBx in calf heifers from the same vendor reached £975. Hereford Cow with a 1mo Bull Calf at foot sold to £980 and aged Hereford Bull reached £1090

(31) Calves

A small seasonal entry met a flyer !!  BB Bulls from Alex Dann made £330, £295 and Heifer Calves, same breed, same vendor reached £285 and £280
AAx, Limx Heifer calves from R. Paterson sold to £250, £245, £200 and Alex Dann to £205, £200.
Suckler bred calves from Meadow Farms made £410 with younger heifers from G. Brand to £230 and Davis Dairies £215


Prime Sheep (146)

Auctioneer Tim Webster

Hoggs (36) Much less entered met with a mixed trade. £45 to £74 Average £54.61
Spring Lambs (111) Plenty of meat about which was greeted with spirited bidding and topping at £104 (228ppkg) M. Satchell

Light Lambs (25.5-32kg)

Standard Lambs (32.1-39kg) 196p to 228ppkg Average 209ppkg

Medium Lambs (39.1-45.5kg) 192p to 225ppkg Average 211ppkg

Heavy Lambs (45.6-52kg) 210p to 223ppkg Average 215ppkg

Extra Heavy Lambs (52.1kg +)

(133) Cull Ewes

Plenty of meat about and a top price from Bures Farm Partners.
£34 to £86 Average £70.41

Breeding sheep & Store Lambs