Market Report


Saturday 1st June 2019

Auctioneers: Keith Rose, Philip Dale & Tim Webster.


226 Head of Cattle & Calves

142 Store Cattle.

The store cattle entry was variable in quality however our regular buyers competed strongly for every lot, resulting in a firm trade throughout - again not reflecting the current "very sticky" finished cattle trade. Store cattle highlights as follows:
15mo Shorthorn Steers from P & L Hayes (farms) Ltd sold to £1030
16mo Hereford Steers from same vendor to £1000
22mo Simmental Steers from M. Fraser £950
26mo Red Steers from A. Mellin £920
26mo Simmental Steers from J. Everson £850
21mo Simmental Steers from J. EVerson £870
21mo Red Steers from PR & J Rogers £870
12mo Limousin Steers £845 Davis Dairies
27mo Simmental Heifers £980 Shirley Keeler
27mo South Devon Heifers £930 J. Everson
25mo Simmental Heifers £930 J. Everson
23mo Limousin Heifers £840 J. Everson
12mo Simmental Heifers £800 J. Everson

(21) Cull Cattle

A good entry of culls although variable in quality met a good trade, especially when considering the traffic jams and reduced quotations at processors being experienced at the moment.
Big cows sold to £1037 or 125ppkg for John Watson. Others reached 133ppkg £997 Shirley Keeler and 134ppkg Heifer from Mr. Harris


Breeding Cattle

A Young BB x Cow and bull calf at foot reached £1600 for J. Wicks and an Angus Cow and bull calf from Mr. De La Cour sold to £1000. A pedigree Shorthorn bull from Havensfield Pigs made £930

(63) Calves

A larger entry and a bit of quality about. Prices were very dear which seemed to make sellers happier than buyers !!
BB Bull calves reached £400 CW Potter with others from the same vendor to £380 and BB Heifers to £365. AA Bull calves sold to £265 Alex Dann and £258 R. Patterson. Heifers reached £250 Alex Dann. Limouisn Heifers from R. Patterson sold to £230. Suckler breds from Mark Daniels made £355 and £300 (heifers) and £285 for a bull calf from Davis Dairies. Stirks reached £390 for simmental crosses from P & K Chapman


Prime Sheep(623)

Auctioneer Tim Webster

Light Lambs (25.5-32kg)

Standard Lambs (32.1-39kg) 139.4 to 139.4 Average 139.4ppkg

Medium Lambs (39.1-45.5kg) 126.5 to 168.9 Average 146.2ppkg

Heavy Lambs (45.6-52kg) 127.6 to 157.3 Average 150.3ppkg

Extra Heavy Lambs (52.1kg +) 125.0 to 137.7 Average 132.6ppkg
Overall average 142.1ppkg

Spring Lambs  to 238.0ppkg from P. Shipp

(288) Cull Ewes

£30 to £100 

Breeding sheep & Store Lambs ewes and lambs to £140 for a ewe and 2 lambs