Market Report


Saturday 18th May 2019

Auctioneers: Keith Rose and Philip Dale


374 Head of Cattle & Calves

324 Store Cattle

A nice entry of all types and qualities met another firm trade to a packed ring of buyers. Quality sorts with shape found a lot of competition with many equaling the previous markets high prices, causing some of the buyers to squirm with pain !!  Second quality cattle a little easier with some selling at more realistic rates.
Store cattle highlights as follows:
26mo Charolais Steers    £1065 G.C. Faircloth
20mo Limousin Steers    £ 950  W.B. Catmur
17mo Limousin Steers    £950   K.M. Key & Sons
13mo Limousin Steers    £950   Davis Dairies
14mo Charolais Steers    £935   R.J. Beck
14mo Limousin Steers    £900   HM & IC Stiff
54mo Charolais Heifers   £1100 G.C. Faircloth
14mo Limousin Heifers   £ 940   NG & RAF Darling
23mo Simmental Heifers £850   J. Everson
12mo Limousin Heifers   £835   Davis Dairies
13mo Limousin Heifers   £830 K.M. Key & Sons

(11) Cull Cattle

Another excellent trade with big cows to £1136 (143ppkg) M. Barrett and younger types to 158ppkg Exning Estates. Overall average for cows 129ppkg


Breeding Cattle

Limousin Cows & Young Calves at foot from WM Mallon Livestock sold to £1600, £1500 (twice) and £1450
South Devon Cows & Calves from Exning Estates reached £1165 and Red Poll Cows & Angus Calves at foot realised up to £1025 for D. Ketteringham
Angus Aged Bull from Messers Child to £1185

(39) Calves

A reduced entry of mainly quality calves met a very fast trade. B.Blue Bull calves from Alex Dann sold to £380, £375 & £355. Limousin Bull calves from Davis Dairies reached £315. FW Parsons sold Angus Bull calves to £275 & Heifers to £235. C. Gapp reached £245 for Hereford Bull Calves & £200 Heifer calves as did Tom Crawford


(333) Prime Sheep

Auctioneer Tim Webster.
New Season Lambs in demand, but handyweight Hoggets still a fair trade thoughout with keen bidding. Could farmers please note that the sheep auction starts at 10.30am. Please bring them in earlier to enable us to maximise your efforts thank you.

Light Lambs (25.5-32kg)

Standard Lambs (32.1-39kg) 151.0 to 174.0 Average 162.0ppkg

Medium Lambs (39.1-45.5kg) 142.0 to 170.0 Average 156.0ppkg

Heavy Lambs (45.6-52kg) 176.0 to 195.0 Average 184.0ppkg

Extra Heavy Lambs (52.1kg +) 162.0 to 162.0 Average 162.0ppkg
Spring Lambs 207.0 to 232.0ppkg Average 223.3ppkg

(290) Cull Ewes

£30 to £100 

() Breeding sheep & Store Lambs