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Market Report


Saturday 11th May 2024

Auctioneers: Philip Dale & Tim Webster.



East Anglia has the best of it at the moment, both in terms of weather and we believe the cattle trade. All hands to the pumps today, with a Cow and Calf Dispersal, the Paul Davis Memorial Trophy and a tremendous show of store cattle. Trade on all fronts was super duper, with new and old buyers keen to secure stock for turnout and feeding.
Well done to Colin Reeve. His Blonde outfits sold to £2600 and his Lincoln Reds to £2300. These prices were well in front of most peoples expectations

Blonde x 25mo £1520 CJ Reeve
Blonde x 20mo £1460 CJ Reeve
Limx 14mo £1450 JD Kendall
Blonde 15mo £1380 CJ Reeve
Limx 11mo £1370 Cook and Colman
Limx 13mo £1350 Cook and Colman
Simx 20mo £1350 J Everson
Limx 14mo £1330 JL Bacon
Limx 15mo £1330 JL Bacon

Sim 26mo £1750 JR Goddard
BBx 14mo £1360 Davis Dairies
Sim 14mo £1375 JR Goddard
Limx 12mo £1360 Cook and Colman
Blondex 25mo £1320 CJ Reeve
Limx 25mo £1320 Waterer Partners
BBx 14mo £1300 Cook and Colman
Limx 14mo £1280 Davis Dairies

Cull Cattle

Important notice to Farmers - please get Farm Assured if you can, it makes a real difference.



The Paul Davis Memorial Trophy went to JJ Lawrence & Son, Thetford, with a tremendous Simmental x Cow with Twin Limousin Calves. A shout out to the Judge, Cliff Colman, for carrying out what can be an unenviable task exceedingly well. At sale time there was lots of competition, with the final bid belonging to Messer JB Dring & Son at £3600, who also purchased the 2nd Prize outfit, a British Blue x Cow with Limousin Bull Calf from A Hodge , Pulham Market for £2600.
As previously mentioned, the Dispersal for Colin Reeve was a huge success. We are hoping that this does not encourage too many others to sell up, or we will have nothing left to sell !!
The main headline was that he had 22 outfits over £2,000 with an average over £1,800

(24) Calves

A short seasonal show was a flyer. Alex Dann topped this week with Blues to £432, £428, £425, £408 closely followed by CW Potter with Blues to £395. Angus sold to £330, with CB & SC Gapp reaching £310. Herefords from Alex Dann reached a mighty £298

SHEEP (1076)

A big entry, most pens full and a great advert for Norwich Market. Today was made bigger with the Ewe & Lamb Special Show & Sale for the Keeler Family Shield.

Bures Farm Partners was the main consigner in this section, selling to 446ppkg and £216 per head.

MEDIUM LAMBS (16) 402.60 TO 405.10 AV 404.00 £153.00 TO £158.00 AV 156.33
STANDARD LAMBS (16) 400.00 TO 429.50 AV 418.25 £168.00 TO £189.00 AV £179.00
HEAVY LAMBS (23) 410.40 TO 446.80 AV 429.40 £191.00 TO £216.00 AV £201.16
HEAVY + LAMBS (8) 333.30 TO 411.50 AV 372.00 £180.00 TO £214.00 AV £197.00

Starting to dry up now and teeth evident,but demand and prices remain high. Top prices today 438ppkg for M Peck and £234 per life for Bures Farm Partners

MEDIUM LAMBS (103) 360.00 TO 438.40 AV 385.16 £126.00 TO £171.00 AV 145.79
STANDARD LAMBS (101) 356.70 TO 418.60 AV 386.00 £144.80 TO £180.00 AV 162.90
HEAVY LAMBS (119) 351.00 TO 402.10 AV 374.00 £165.00 TO £190.00 AV £177.30
HEAVY + LAMBS (70) 311.40 TO 380.30 AV 349.58 £174.00 TO £234.00 AV £197.58

(281) Cull Ewes

Good entry, a few more than expected and a few good meat amongst them which sold well and topped at £212 for Bures Farm Partners.

£40.00 TO £212.00 AV £145.81


£101.00 TO £188.00 AV £135.23

GOATS (32)
Largest entry for some time and much supported by the buyers

£10.00 TO £131.00 AV £91.56


A few about, topping at £131 for C & H Theobald

£50.00 to £131.00 AV £118.62

EWES & LAMBS (252)

Today was the Show & Sale competing for the Keeler Family Shield, and a big thank you to all who entered into the spirit of the competition and to John Wright for kindly judging the event.

1st Prize - R Crowter - Blue Texel Ewe & 2 Lambs £120 per life
2nd Prize - Shaw & Goate
3rd Prize - Sharon Morter

Plenty of buyers present, resulting in a fair good trade.

£33.00 TO £120.00 AV 84.63 PER LIFE



Entries for future sale to Tim Webster on 07437 101163.

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