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Detailed market report for the sale on Saturday  2023 5 august 2023 please click the title for the report.

Market Report   Saturday 5th August 2023 Auctioneers: Philip Dale & Tim Webster. 152 STORE CATTLE AND CALVES STORE CATTLE Conditions are tough out there at the moment, however in the market the world does not seem such a bad place. Prices for stores are defying the trend in the beef market at present however, numbers forward are low and we will have to wait until the grazed cattle come forward to get a true reflection.   HIGHLIGHTSSTEERS LIMX 17MO £1330 MRS HELEN COLLINSSIMX 18MO £1285 G HANCYBBX 16MO £1270 MARK DANIELSHFD 21MO £1260 JC WATSONSIMX 17MO £1210 G HANCYLIMX 16MO £1180 LP & PV THAINLIMX 17MO £1180 MRS HELEN COLLINSLIMX 17MO £1170 MRS HELEN COLLINSSIMX 18MO £1110 G HANCYLIMX 16MO £1100 F KINGE HEIFERSSIMX 18MO £1210 G HANCYSIMX 18MO £1130 G HANCYBAX 28MO £1090 J EVERSONLIMX 19MO £1090 F KINGEHFD 12MO £1085 WS EVERITTSIMX 18MO £1080 J EVERSONLIMX 17MO £970 JM FRYATTHFD 13MO £970 WS EVERITTSIMX 16MO £950 J EVERSON Cull Cattle (11) The cull cow market is on a downward trend however we still had cows to 182p, 177p, 170p or £1690 Important notice to Farmers - please get Farm Assured if you can, it makes a real difference.   BREEDING CATTLE (24) Calves The calf trade does continue on, with plenty of farmers wanting to fill their boots, resulting in Blues to £435 for CW Potter, Limousins to £308 for RJ Barnes, Shorthorns to £300 for Bowes Farms and Charolais to £312 for MD Barrett SHEEP (712) A very wet day in Norwich but a good show of sheep on our first breeding sale of the year and the fat trade was a bit dearer. PRIME LAMBS (240)A few good sorts on offer with good runs from Feddie Lawrence and Bill Lewis but Alburgh Lamb topped the day at 291.30ppkg and £134 STANDARD LAMBS (65) 239.40 TO 263.10 AV 247.66 £80.00 TO £100.00 AV £92.88MEDIUM LAMBS (65) 242.50 TO 284.00 AV 258.16 £97.00 TO £125.00 AV £107.05HEAVY LAMBS (21) 269.50 TO 291.30 AV 283.25 £124.00 TO £134.00 AV £129.75HEAVY + LAMBS (4) TO 244.20 AV 244.20 TO £127.00 AV £127.00 HOGGS (29)A handful present and topped at £130 for Messers G & C Hayward (89) Cull Ewes Several meaty sorts about with G Wilden topping the day at £122 with Charollais Ewes £6.00 to £122.00 av £88.30 CULL RAMS (10) £37.00 to £158.00 av £126.30 GOATS (3) £51.00 to £80.00 av £63.67 STORE LAMBS (143) Good trade throughout and wanted. CHAROLLAIS X (38) £79.00 TO £90.00 AV £85.10TEXEL X (33) £76.00 TO £81.00 AV £80.42SUFFOLK (1) TO £90.00 AV £90.00MULE X (14) TO £90.00 AV £90.00DORSET (15) £80.00 TO £86.00 AV £84.66X BRED (12) £61.00 TO £83.00 AV £62.83SHROPSHIRE (4) TO £61.00 AV £61.00GREYFACE DARTMOOR  TO £48.00 AV £48.00 EWE LAMBSDORSET X CHAR X TEXEL TO £135.00 BELTEX X TO £77.00DORSET DOWN TO £78.00 BREEDING EWES (191) A good entry for our first breeding sale. CHAROLLAIS SHEARLINGS (8) TO £175.00MULE SHEARLINGS (96) £162.00 TO £165.00 AV £164.25MASHAM (4) TO £140.00ROMNEY SHEARLINGS (7) TO £135.00X BRED SHEARLINGS (5) TO £145.00SUFFOLK X MULE (4) TO £125.00TEXEL X SHEARLINGS (14) TO £120.00MANX SHEARLINGS (5) TO £45.00AGED CHAROLLAIS (10) TO £120.00 AGED SUFFOLK (12) TO £110.00AGED DORSETS (7) TO £115.00AGED MULES (7) TO £95.00AGED LLEYN (8) TO £92.00 We also had something a little different today and sold 2 Jenny Donkeys to £460 and £340, a Jack Donkey at £250 and a coloured filly to £620  ENTRIES PLEASE FOR ADVERTISING TO TIM THANKS THANK YOU TO ALL FARMERS FOR YOUR CONTINUED SUPPORT Entries for future sale to Tim Webster on 07437 101163.

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