Market Report


Saturday 19th March 2022

Auctioneers: Philip Dale & Tim Webster.


326 Head of Cattle & Calves

Store and Breeding Cattle

Welcome to the Quality Market of the Midlands and East Anglia

Probably the best quality entry seen in Norwich for a long time,which coupled with the strength of the beef markets produced an almighty trade.  Feed costs and energy costs going forward could become an issue, however we are gifted in our area with the ability to grow and secure many forms of cattle feed and so will hopefully be as well placed as anywhere in the country in the future.

A tremendous show, topped with some of the best ever seen from Henry Harvey & Son, with 12mo Limousin Steers selling to £1410 and his B.Blue 12mo Steers to £1370.  Cook and Colmans B.Blue Heifer reached £1380 and in the Breeding Section, 2 exceptional Crossbred Bulls from Karen Husk, Dover sold for £3,500 and £3,000

Limx 12mo £1410 Henry Harvey & Son
S. Devon 19mo £1390 RC Murrell
BBx 12mo £1370 Henry Harvey & Son
Limx 12mo £1350 Henry Harvey & Son
Simx 15mo £1280 R Giles
Simx 14mo £1240 R Giles
BBx 13mo £1180 John Waspe
Limx 12mo £1180 Cook and Colman
Simx 20mo £1170 J Everson
Hereford 22mo £1170 Howlett Farming
Lim Bull 12mo £1250 Moores Livestock

BBx 10mo £1380 Cook and Colman
Hereford 22mo £1360 Bures Farm Partners
S Devon 24mo £1250 Bures Farm Partners
S/Horn 25mo £1110 WE Chantry
Stabiliser 26mo £1100 RJ & NJ Strachan
Simx 22mo £1100 J Everson
BBx 14mo £1080 John Waspe
Limx 10mo £1070 PJ Keeling
S.Devon 10mo £990 Andrew Foulds

Limousin x British Blue Bull 20mo £3,500 FS Husk
Limousin x British Blue Bull 23mo £3,000 FS Husk
B.Blue x Bull 64mo £2,000 Five Berries Cattle

Simx £1600 K Southey
Simx £1550 K Southey
S. Devon £1490 Bures Farm Partners
A.Angus x £1470 DM Cargill
A.Angus x £1460 DM Cargill
Simx £1450 K. Southey
Hereford £1450 K. Southey

Cull Cattle (14)

We informed you that the cull cow trade was on fire - well we just went nuclear.  Cows sold to 220ppkg or £1368 per head for Howlett Farming Co. Average 165ppkg

Important notice to Farmers - please get Farm Assured if you can, it makes a real difference.


(48) Calves

What can one say !!
Alex Dann topped the market with the best shaped B.Blue calf at £400.  This was closely followed by CW Potter with Blues at £395, £385, £380, £375. R. Paterson sold quality Limousin Bulls to £395, £390, £360 and Heifers to £325, £310 and £300.
Herefords topped at £300 for R. Paterson, £270 for CB & SC Gapp and £270 for Eddy Brigham
Black and White Bulls reached £122 for David Parsons and a Black and White Heifer from Alex Dann to £105.

SHEEP (958)

All roads lead to Norwich with again another busy market and more new buyers in attendance. Please book in your entries for the next sale.

A few less than expected but trade was up on previous sale and in line with most other markets and national averages. Again Alburgh Lamb was the highlight selling at £135 (306ppkg)

STANDARD LAMBS (120) 251.20 TO 286.40 AV 265.16 £93.00 TO £106.00 AV £98.28
MEDIUM LAMBS (246) 240.90 TO 306.80 AV 257.72 £98.00 TO £135.00 AV £107.36
HEAVY LAMBS (49) 239.10 TO 268.00 AV 251.00 £110.00 TO £120.50 AV £118.50
HEAVY + LAMBS (57) 205.30 TO 240.30 AV 224.22 £115.00 TO £126.00 AV £120.65

Two November born lambs from Bures Farm Partners 35kg Lamb sold at £121 (322ppkg) and 45kg Lamb sold to £145 (346ppkg)

(368) Cull Ewes

Another strong entry of Cull Ewes at Norwich with plenty of buyers. Richard Fish topping at £152.00
£35.00 to £152.00 av £118.39

£60.00 to £180.00 av £122.88


TEXEL X (68) £68.00 TO £95.00 AV £84.66
SOUTHDOWN (8) TO £83.00 AV £83.00
MULE X (4) TO £77.00 AV £77.00
OXFORD (5) TO £80.00 AV £80.00
XBREDS (4) £53.00 TO £64.00 AV £58.00
SUFFOLK X £3) TO £55.00 AV £55.00
SOAY (6) TO £5.00 AV £5.00


All in lamb to Blue Texel Tup due 28th April.

TEXEL X EWES (4) TO £110.00 AV £110.00
SUFFOLK X EWE (1) TO £124.00 AV £124.00
BLUE TEXEL (2) TO £132.00 AV £132.00
SCOTCH 1/2 BRED (3) TO £96.00 AV £96.00


Entries for future sale to Tim Webster on 07437 101163.