Detailed market report for the sale on 18 December 2021 Please click the title for the report.

Market Report   Saturday 4th December 2021 Auctioneers: Philip Dale & Tim Webster. Notes 213 Head of Cattle & Calves Store and Breeding Cattle It was showtime at Norwich, with Suckler Calves, Calves and Sheep.It can be reported that all were a tremendous success.  In the stores, Colin Parker started the ball rolling with another run of 15 tremendous in calf Hereford heifers selling from £1450 to £1500 av £1495.  The show was full of top quality and no easy task for the judge, Mr James Loveday. Champion went to Waterer Partners, Bramfield, with a 9mo Limousin x Steer which sold to Ray Parker for £1325.  Waterer Partners also scooped the Reserve Champion which sold for £1175 to Brian Ward.  1st prize in the native class went to Pat Key with A.Angus at £750.  Pat also took 2nd prize native with another A.Angus which sold to £660.  Cook and Colman took 2nd prizes in the Continental classes with a Limousin Steer selling to a top of £1040. HIGHLIGHTSSTEERSLimx 9mo £1325 Waterer PartnersCharx 34mo £1180 Parker CattleLimx 10mo £1175 Waterer PartnersLimx 20mo £1130 A WhiteLim 19mo £1100 A WhiteLimx 16mo £1090 R CriddleBBx 11mo £1050 R CriddleLimx 9mo £1040 Cook and ColmanBAx 16mo £1040 R CriddleLimx 17mo £1000 JB Dring & sonCharx 9mo £1000 J GermanyHfdx 31mo £1000 Parker Cattle HEIFERSHfd In Calf Heifers £1450 to £1550 Parker CattleLimx £1010  Mr Bennett A special thank you to our Judge Mr James Loveday. Cull Cattle (10) A nice trade really, when all cow firms have dropped the price, with cows to 150ppkg (£1155) for RF & RJ Parker and 172ppkg (£997) for a heifer from Mr TaylorAre cull cows about to get dearer ?? Important notice to Farmers - please get Farm Assured if you can, it makes a real difference.   CHARITY WALKING STICK A great thank you to Brian Ward for offering up a beautifully crafted walking stick for auction for Children In Need.The stick was purchased and re offered for sale in excess of 12 times and realised a grand total of £1200.  This is a fantastic effort by the Norwich regulars (88) Calves What an entry and what a show !!Many thanks to the judge, Mr Roger Long, for sorting out the show. He did it to perfection which resulted in a new market record of £505 for the Champion, a B.Blue bull calf from regular vendors CW Potter. The same vendor also took 2nd and 3rd in the older class.  The buyer of the champion was the judge.  1st prize and Reserve Champion overall went to Alex Dan with a B.Blue hefer calf which sold to the judge for £360.  Alex also sold blue bull calves at £445, £425.  1st prize in the native breeds younger calf class went to another regular, David Parsons with an Angus bull calf at £355. other prize winners included R. Paterson with a 3rd prize Charolais bull calf at £310, sold to the judge and Coston Hall Farms with a 3rd prize Angus Heifer.A very sincere thank you goes to all the vendors and to the judge Mr. Roger Long SHEEP (715) Christmas Fatstock Show this week with some fine entries and well supported. A big thank you to our judge, Josh Bustance, and also for the Lord Mayor and Sherrif of Norwich who presented the prizes. PRIME LAMBS (267)Good trade throughout with Lambs wanted and with the show good lambs forward topping at 524ppkg and £220 for Messers Knights of Denton and purchased by the judge. STANDARD LAMBS (75) 263.60 to 348.60 av 292.83 £78.00 to £129.00 av £104.66MEDIUM LAMBS (85) 260.40 to 524.00 av 315.90 £111.00 to £220.00 av £134.38HEAVY LAMBS (80) 252.00 to 312.00 av 286.39 £121.00 to £156.00 av £131.00HEAVY + LAMBS (27) 232.10 to 274.50 av 254.58 £121.00 to £140.00 av £131.34 FATSTOCK SHOW RESULTS CHAMPION  A T KNIGHTSRESERVE    EMMA GERMANY LAMBS UNDER 42KG1ST A T KNIGHTS2ND EMMA GERMANY3RD IAN APPLEYARD LAMBS OVER 42KG1ST EMMA GERMANY2ND MICHELLE SMITH3RD PAUL LITTLEBOY YOUNG HANDLERS CHAMPION L KNIGHTSRESERVE ROSIE CRIDDLE 1ST 6-10YO  ROSIE CRIDDLE2ND             MADDIE CRIDDLE 1ST 10+      L KNIGHTS (136) Cull Ewes A few more meaty sorts today met with a fierce trade. Topping at £168 for Woodlands Farm£22.00 to £168.00 av £80.24 CULL RAMS (9)£46.00 to £136.00 av £93.33 CHARITY LAMBFrank and Christine Kinge very kindly donated a lamb to be sold to help raise money for a Defibulator for the market.  It was put up at £120 for the first time and kept being sold 8 or 9 times with £1000 being raised.  Many thanks to the Kinge Family and all the buyers who participated. STORE LAMBS (257) A very nice show of stores today me with a keen demand and topping at £112 for Ann Day£42.00 to £112.00 av £88.28 BREEDING EWES (38) Cheviot Shearling Ewes (running with Texel Ram) from Becky Dixon£135.00 to £150.00 av £141.50 BREEDING RAMS (2)Texel Shearling £200Blue Texel £260 GOATS (3)Sold an outfit of Nanny & 2 kids from Sam Grand to £155 THANK YOU TO ALL FARMERS FOR UNLOADING THEIR STOCK AND LEAVING IT TO US DURING THESE TRYING TIMES Entries for future sale to Tim Webster on 07437 101163.