Detailed market report for the sale on Saturday 28 August 2021 Please click the title for the report.

Market Report   Saturday 14th August 2021 Auctioneers: Philip Dale & Tim Webster. Notes 148 Head of Cattle & Calves. Store and Breeding Cattle Perfect weather conditions have led to record yields of everything and this was a typical summer market with many choosing to stay at home and work the land. However, there were no concerns for vendors with the usual huge prices achieved for all categories of stock, fueled by the majority of the population who are tending to stay in this country and are usually more intelligent than the people who talk a lot and tell them what they should be doing. Agriculture has been crap for 30 years-are the roaring twenties set to continue ?HIGHLIGHTSSTEERSBAx 12mo £1370 MC BarkerBBx 16mo £1320 R CriddleBAx 10mo £1270 MC BarkerBAx 12mo £1240 MC BarkerSimx 14mo £1150 G Wisson & SonLimx 15mo £1140 R CriddleLimx 14mo £1100 Rounding BrosLimx 14mo £1090 G Wisson & SonLimx 13mo £1060 Rounding BrosLimx 17mo £1030 JM Fryatt HEIFERSLimx 15mo £1060 G Wisson & SonLimx 17mo £1050 G Wisson & SonLimx 16mo £970 JM FryattBBx 19mo £960 G Wisson & SonBBx 15mo £940 JC WatsonBBx 24mo £930 G Wisson & SonLimx 16mo £900 Davis DairiesLimx 12mo £890 J DoyleLimx 20mo £890 LP & PV ThainLimx 15mo £860 Davis Dairies STORE BULLSLim 13mo £1030 Davis Dairies Cull & Prime Cattle (19) Another decent entry with some big prices. Cows sold to 177ppkg for Frank Kinge and £1240 for N. Peasgood. A shapey heifer from SG Lutkin topped the market at 217ppkg. Important notice to Farmers - please get Farm Assured if you can, it makes a real difference.   Breeding Cattle Simmental Cow with bull calf £1500 J. GoddardAAx Cow with heifer calf £1300 NJ & MR FlackHfd Cow with heifer calf £1260 WJ  Youngs (36) Calves A select but quality entry met the usual very fast trade with quality bull calves especially in demand. bulls sold to £450 for SC & CB Gapp and for CW Potter, who also acheived the top price of the day with a Limousin Bull calf at £475.Alex Dann reached £402 with Blue bulls and £390 for heifers. R. Patersons impressive Charolais reached £442 for bulls and £388 for heifers. Angus Bulls from Alex Dann to £352 and Black and Whites to £155. SHEEP (677) Another good day at Norwich with our first Breeding Sheep sale of the season, along with our normal auctions and not forgetting the 4 Donkeys !! PRIME LAMBS (252)Prime lambs made their mark but not much weight about today. Top prices went to Grace Vincent at 319.40ppkg and Tristan Howell at £135 per head. STANDARD LAMBS (101) 225.60 to 319.40 av 250.23 £85.00 to £115.00 av £92.25MEDIUM LAMBS (117) 219.50 to 277.50 av 238.89 £90.00 to £112.00 av £100.70HEAVY LAMBS (23) 220.00 to 268.70 av 251.15 £99.00 to £129.00 av £117.00HEAVY + LAMBS (11) 188.50 to 254.70 av 226.78 £118.00 to £135.00 av £126.50 HOGGETS (1)to 178.70 £84.00 (109) Cull Ewes Again a fair entry but again lacking the big meaty ewes. Topping today was Alan Peck for a Suffolk Ewe at £126.00£26.00 to £126.00 av £103.00 STORE LAMBS (172) The dearest section of the market with plenty of eager buyers. Topping at £109.00 for Marcus Satchell. TEXEL X (93) £70.00 TO £109.00 AV £88.78CHAR X (10) TO £78.00 AV £78.00SUFFOLK X (10) £46.00 TO £79.00 AV £76.70HAMPSHIRE (7) TO £62.00 AV £62.00MULES (24) £54.00 TO £74.00 AV £67.92XBREEDS (14) £60.00 TO £82.00 AV £78.57ROMNEY (14) £58.00 TO £76.00 AV £74.61 BREEDING SHEEP BREEDING EWES (108)Alan Peck top of the shop with a Blue Texel Shearling at £160.  Plenty of buyer about.  TEXEL X SHEARLINGS (75) £125.00 TO £150.00 AV £135.60BLUE TEXEL SHEARLING (1) TO £160.00SUFFOLK SHEARLING (1) TO £120.00ZWARTABLE SHEARLINGS (22) £121.00 TO £129.00 AV £125.00CHEVIOT (3RD CROP) EWES  TO £98.00 BREEDING RAMSPEDIGREE BLUE TEXEL SHEARLINGS (6) £240 TO £380 AV £290PEDIGREE BLUE TEXEL RAM LAMB (1) £190BLUE TEXEL X DUTCH SPOTTED RAM LAMB (1) £260OTHER RAMS (5) £70.00 TO £110.00 AV £90.00 DONKEYS (4)Today, for the firs time in a while we sold 4 Donkeys after the sheep section which created much interest from everyone and surprising results.Geldings £360 to £680 av £486.66Colt £375 THANK YOU TO ALL FARMERS FOR UNLOADING THEIR STOCK AND LEAVING IT TO US DURING THESE TRYING TIMES Entries for future sale to Tim Webster on 07437 101163.