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please can you enter as early as possible so we can advertise entries on the website




Please note:   We will not allow any cage, crate, basket, receptacle or other container onto the market which is visibly contaminated with bird droppings or other material of bird origin, OTHER THAN faeces produced during the transporation of the birds to the sale.  A declaration must be signed by all vendors stating that they have not come from a premises under restriction for Avian Influenza or from within a Surveillance zone.





Cage fees and fees for deadstock WILL BE COLLECTED at the time of arrival and booking in. There will be no exceptions to this and please do not ask for the fees to be deducted off your account if you buy anything.

All items purchased MUST be paid for on the day by either cash or debit card. We WILL NOT accept any cheques so please come prepared.

We will pay out all vendors in cash on the day immediately after the sale of their items. PLEASE NOTE if you do not collect your money on the day of sale, it will be held over to the next sale. We will not be sending out any cheques due to the costs.

All pens will be cable tied shut and ONLY authorised members of staff will be permitted to release the pens after the sale upon production of a paid invoice. Please do not attempt  to open the pens yourselves.

Cage fees will remain the same at £2. Table top fees for boxes is £1 for each container. Hatching eggs 50p per lot and deadstock £1 per lot.

Penning is pre-allocated prior to the day of sale and is strictly on a first come first served basis. It helps if you book your items in early so we can advertise them on the website. We please ask that if you book pens and then do not think you will need them that you let us know so we can release them to someone else.

The order of sale will be Deadstock, Eggs, Boxes and then Cages.

Please support us, USE IT OR YOU WILL LOSE IT !

 POINT OF SALE - your office number is not sufficient.

Country Kitchen and Country Garden sale opportunities - if you have general produce for sale ie eggs, garden plants, cakes, vegetables, etc you may hire a table at £5 for the duration of the sale. Pre-booking required. Please contact us with your product details.


Refreshments available.