Fur and Feather

All entries to Anita on 01603 502690

Please try and find something to bring along to support us and prove to the Council that the market is still needed in the community.

Entries to Anita 01603 502690

FACE MASKS MUST BE WORN AT ALL TIMES IN THE MARKET - there will be NO exceptions to this. Anyone not adhering to the rules will be asked to leave the premises immediately.
We would respectfully ask that anyone with health issues please do not attend.
NO CHILDREN UNDER THE AGE OF 16 will be allowed to attend
Only 1 person per household will be allowed in when the auction starts, but everyone will be able to view the lots on offer from 10am to 11am.
Upon entering the main gates, you will be stopped and asked for your name and contact number
Please bring your own masks, we will not provide them.
Please be patient when booking in your lots as we will only allow one vendor at a time, per section, in and out.
All lots must be pre-booked in with Anita on 01603 502690.
Only 1 person at a time will be allowed into the office and FACE MASKS MUST BE WORN, there is a one-way system in operation.
Please remember the 1 meter social distance rules
Thank you for your co-operation during these difficult times. We look forward to welcoming you all back on the 26th September. Many thanks .....

Market Report for 24th October 2020

Thanks to all who supported us.. Demand for poulty was as expected - seasonal ! but we did have some good prices
Cages (per bird)
Borbon Turkeys 25-26, Embden Geese 20-22, Crowitzer Turkeys 20-22, Brown Pullets 8, Blue Crested Ducks 18, Black Araucanas 10, Mini Appleyards 17, Mixed Ducks 14, Light Sussex Pullets 17-18, Light Sussex Hens 14, Speckled Sussex Hens 13, Gold Brahmas 28, Lemon Pyle Brahmas 25, Columbian Brahmas 14, Pekins 9-15, White Wyandottes 8-9, Salmon Favorelles 8, Brazilian Game 26, Shamo Game 21-26, Copper Black Marans 18, Call Ducks 25, Isabella Brahmas 30-34, Buff Orpingtons 20, Silver Laced Wyandotte L/F 16, Cuckoo Marans 14, Cochin Cockerel 14, Buff Orpington Ducks 18, Black Rocks 11, Game Birds 18

Boxes (per bird)
Shamo 22, Aylesbury Ducklings 2, Old English Game Bantams 8, Silver & Gold Seabrights 14, Pekins 8-12, Welsummers 9, Silver Campines 8, Wyandottes 8, Short Faced Tumblers 8, Isabella Pullet 28, Cream Legbars 8, Buff Orpingtons 8, Guinea Fowl 5, Belgian Duccles 7, Silkies 10-15, Lizard Canaries 22, Lovebirds 16-17, Chinese Painted Quail 5, Exhibition Budgies 9-18, Yellow Budgies 11, Canaries 10, Call Ducks 17, Hen & Chicks 10, Kakarikis 10

Fur - Dwarf Buck 20, Lionhead Lop Buck 22, Dutch Doe 32, Lop Buck 30. Ferrets 10-12, Boar Guinea Pigs 9.50, Sow Guinea Pigs 12-15

Air Rifles 45-65, Feed Wheat 4, Vintage Fire Bucket 9, Vintage Bird Cage 20, Breeding Cage 6, Animal Hutch 22, Dog Grooming Table 55, Duck Bath 10, Safety Boots 10, Chains & Locks 15, Duck Food 29, Dog Biscs 6-18, Animal Treats 13, Mouse Traps 16, Planters 10, Gun Cabinet 10

No Bird Material

We will not allow any cage, crate, basket, receptacle or other container onto the market which is visibly contaminated with bird droppings or other material of bird origin, OTHER THAN faeces produced during the transporation of the birds to the sale.  A declaration must be signed by all vendors stating that they have not come from a premises under restriction for Avian Influenza or from within a Surveillance zone.
Please make sure to read all information regarding auctions on our notices page before attending to either sell or purchase livestock. Thank you.