Fur and Feather

WE ARE BACK !!! NEXT SALE: SATURDAY 24TH OCTOBER. TO INCLUDE A SPECIAL COLLECTIVE SALE OF MISC DEADSTOCK ITEMS AND TOOLS ETC. ENTRIES ARE OPEN TO ANYTHING SMALL ENOUGH TO GET UNDER COVER..... Please enter your lots early so we can advertise your items thanks. Usual sale of Fur and Feather also. Should be a good day !! Gates Open at 7am, Sale starts at 11am. Please see below all the new rules and regulations

Please try and find something to bring along to support us and prove to the Council that the market is still needed in the community.

Phillip Dale 07881 907504

Entries to Anita 01603 502690

FACE MASKS MUST BE WORN AT ALL TIMES IN THE MARKET - there will be NO exceptions to this. Anyone not adhering to the rules will be asked to leave the premises immediately.
We would respectfully ask that anyone with health issues please do not attend.
NO CHILDREN UNDER THE AGE OF 16 will be allowed to attend
Only 1 person per household will be allowed in when the auction starts, but everyone will be able to view the lots on offer from 10am to 11am.
Upon entering the main gates, you will be stopped and asked for your name and contact number
Please bring your own masks, we will not provide them.
Please be patient when booking in your lots as we will only allow one vendor at a time, per section, in and out.
All lots must be pre-booked in with Anita on 01603 502690.
Only 1 person at a time will be allowed into the office and FACE MASKS MUST BE WORN, there is a one-way system in operation.
Please remember the 1 meter social distance rules
Thank you for your co-operation during these difficult times. We look forward to welcoming you all back on the 26th September. Many thanks .....

Sale to commence promptly at 11am.
To ensure that they are all processed, entries must be in by 10.00am.


Rhode Island Reds, Pr Barnvelders, Pr Lavender Araucanas, 2 x Prs Lovebirds (1 to include cage), Gun Cabinet, 3 Lots of Waterproof Clothing, 5 x Prs Shamo, Trio Isabella Brahmas, 3 x Trios Gold Bantam Brahmas, Quartet Runner Ducks, 4 x White Geese, Young Peacocks 8-9mo, Guinea Fowl, Quail, Pair Bourbon Red Turkeys 2020, Pair Crowitzer Turkeys 2020, 2 Lemon Pyle Brahma Pullets, 2 Lemon Pyle Brahma Pullets, 3 Light Sussex LF Pullets, Pair LF Shamo 15wo, Black Pekin Cockerel, Black Copper Maran Cockerek, Columbian Brahma Cockerel, Partridge Cochin Cockerel, 2 x Trios Crested Cream Legbars, Pair Rhode Island Red, 2 Speckled Hens, 2 Silkie x Pekin Hens, Hybrid Hens, Guinea Fowl Pearl & Pied 6wo, Old English Game Bantams, Call Ducks, 16wo Calder Ranger Pullets, Trio Norfolk Greys, Wyandottes, Buff Orpington Pullets, Maran Pullets, Copper Black Pullets, Black Rock Pullets, Brown Hens, Budgies, Goldline Pullets, Lovebirds, Chinese Painted Quail, Embden Geese, Guinea Fowl, Golden Pheasants, Peacock, Lavender Moscovies, Trio Aylesbury Ducks, Ko Shamo Pullets, Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, Vintage Iron Bird Cage, Old Fire Buckets, Vintage Garden Tools, Drinkers, Crates, Bags Feed Wheat, 6 Embden Geese 2020 hatch, Quartet & Trio Partridge Pekins, Trio Salmon Favorelles, 4 x Quartets White Wyandottes, Pigeon Food & Grit, Dog Food, Layers Pellets, Duck Food, Fish Food, Ferret Food, Cat Food, Animal Bedding, Chinchilla Dust, De-Icing Salt, Fuel Logs, 3 Gold Partridge Pekin Hens, Box of Hen & Chicks, Buff Orpington Cockerel, Black Orpington Bantam Cockerel, Trio Sablepoots, Mixed Pullets, Light Sussex Growers, Old English Game Growers, Orpington Pullets, 2 Silver Campine Hens, Pair Cuckoo Marans, Pair Black Call Ducks, Pair Cayuga Ducks, Pair Buff Orpington Ducks, 1 Cheer Pheasant, 4 Bluebell Hens, 6 Brahma Pullets, 2 Wyandotte Bantam Pullets, 5 Hybrid Growers, 3 Brahma Growers, 4 Pekin Pullets, Trio White Brahma, Canaries, Zebra Finches, Bengalese Finches, Pair Frizzle Pekins, 2 x Trios & 1 x Pair Serama Batams, Light Sussex Hens, Welsummer Pullets, Cream Legbar x Pullets, 3 x Pairs Holly Cropper Pigeons, 6 Khaki Cambell Ducks, 2 New Hampshire Hens, Pair Shamos, 2 Frizzle Bluebell Pullets, Brown Hens, Mixed Ducks, 4 Mixed Bantams, Heavy Duty Hayrack, 2 x Air Rifles, Small Work Bench, Electric Leaf Blower, Electric Mitre Saw, Electric Router, Show Fantail Pigeons, West of England Tumbler Pigeons, POL Black Rock Pullets, Speckled Sussex Pullets, Brahma Pullets, Pekin Pullets, Cream Legbar Pullets, 3 Pens Runner Ducks, Pair White Pheasants, White Cock Pheasant, Pairs Fantails, 2 Brand New Pairs Safety Boots Size 9, 2 Heavy Duty Chains & Padlocks, Sledgehammer, 2 Big Plastic Dog Beds, Assorted Stainless Steel Dog Bowls, Ladies Bike, Big Box of Nails & Tools, Pair Red Turkeys, 2 x Pairs Thai Game, Selection of Cochins (Black Hens) & Various Cockerels, Buff Orpington Pullets, Copper Black Maran Pullets, Black Cochins, Shamo Game, Asil Game, Lizard Canaries, Aylesbury Ducklings, Nene Geese, Franconian Geese, Chinese Geese

Market Report for 26th September 2020

we were pleased to be back open again on Saturday 26th September and thank you to everyone who supported us on such a wet and windy day. It was also nice to welcome some new faces.  Our Early Autumn Show was very ably judged by Mr. Mark Bloom who awarded his Champion to a superb trio of German Pekin Ducks from Tom Buck which went on to sell for £35 each bird. His Reserve Champion was a Black Columbian Hen from Peter Keeling which made £50.

Trio Swedish Flower hens 18, calder ranger pullets 8, goldline pullets 8, Polish 8, Red Saddled Yokohamma 35, black brahma 20, Buff Orpingtons 35, black rosecombs 10, copper black marans 15-18, bearded white silkies 30, pekins 10-14, light sussex 15, cuckoo marans 15, vorwerks 10, black wyandottes 10, favorelles 11, silver laced wyandottes 14, Rhode Island Reds 15, Shamo 20, Shamo 44, Shamo 48, Blue Light Brahma 30 (2 x pairs) Black Columbian Hen 50, Bluebells 12, Black rock 10, Ixworth 16, Pairs Mixed Brahmas 15-20, Old english game 7, Mixed Hens 8-12, speckled sussex 16, Cobbs 2-3, Mixed Cockerels 1-7,  Tufted Ducks 18, African x goose 15, Hen Turkey 18, Call Ducks 18-26, White crested ducks 25, German Pekin Ducks 35,  Cherry Valley Ducks 5, Indian Runners 13-15, Bourbon Turkeys (Trio) PER BIRD £65 !!

Silver Seabrights 15, Sablepoot 8, Pekins 6-16, Silver laced barnvelders 8, welsummer 7, french copper maran 7, old english game 6, silkies 9-12, D'Anvers 13, Rhode Island Red 10, Guinea Fowl 5, Japanese Frizzles 10, Mixed Bantams 9, Mixed Pullets 20, Assorted call ducks 11-15,Young silver pheasants 9-11, Canaries 12, Budges 6-10, Zebra Finches 3, Quail 2-5, Young Grey Jungle Fowl 20, Crowitzer Turkey Poults 15, Hen & Chicks 16-20, Pigeons 6-9, Green Cheeked Turoco £70.

FUR (Per Item)
Ferrets 8-10, Doe Rabbits 5-18, Buck Rabbits 5-16, Sow Guinea Pigs 4-10, Boar Guinea Pigs 3-8

DEADSTOCK (Per item)
Gun Cabinet 60, 2.2. Air Rifles 60, Stag Garden Ornament £90, Roll away nest boxes 10, red bird crates 6, 7xbales shavings 18, metal cage 10, reel electric wire 10, bundles fence stakes 10-21, drinkers 9, boxes trolley wheels 17, feeders 8-10, gate 21, forks 5, spades 5, gloves 5, cable ties 7, reels tape 12, metal buckets 6, milk churns 25-35, plastic water tubs 11, cube drinkers 10, bell drinkers 10, Incubator 25, mixed feeders 21, heat lambs 30


No Bird Material

We will not allow any cage, crate, basket, receptacle or other container onto the market which is visibly contaminated with bird droppings or other material of bird origin, OTHER THAN faeces produced during the transporation of the birds to the sale.  A declaration must be signed by all vendors stating that they have not come from a premises under restriction for Avian Influenza or from within a Surveillance zone.
Please make sure to read all information regarding auctions on our notices page before attending to either sell or purchase livestock. Thank you.