Market Report


Saturday 24th April 2021

Auctioneers: Philip Dale & Tim Webster.


313 Head of Cattle & Calves.

Store and Breeding Cattle

Another busy day and although we do not get any big cattle, we certainly get big prices. The store cattle price moved on another notch today, which most people cannot believe, with even our small cattle selling to £1240 and Cows and Calves to £2100.  Its about time, because farming has been bad for 30 years and as Bernard Baruch, who was an American financier and statesman and for half a century one of Americas richest and most powerful man stated "Agriculture is the greatest and fundamentally the most important of our Industries. The Cities are but the branches of the tree of national life, the roots of which go deeply into the land. We all flourish or decline with the farmers"
Blonde 14mo £1240 B Jones
Angus 14mo £1220 D Jeary
Blonde 13mo £1160 B Jones
Simx 14mo £1100 SN Catchpole
Baz x 9mo £1100 CA Coe & Son
Blonde 11mo £1080 B Jones
Baz x 10mo £1050 CA Coe & Son
Simx 15mo £1040 GJ Hancy
Angus 13mo £1040 D Jeary
Simx 14mo £1030 J Everson
Simx 17mo £1190 GJ Hancy
Blonde 14mo £1110 B Jones
Simx 14mo £1090 GJ Hancy
BBx 36mo £1090 A Elliott
Simx 16mo £1080 GJ Hancy
Blonde x 21mo £990 J Everson
Baz x 10mo £980 CA Coe & Son
Simx 13mo £940 Lambert & Co
Simx 15mo £940 J Everson
S.Devon 14mo £930 Guyer Farms
Simx 9mo £1020 JR Goddard
Angus 11mo £970 M Haistead
L.Red 13mo £930 Carrick & Son
Limx 13mo £910 A Morton & Son
Limx 8mo £820 M Daniels
Simx 9mo £780 JR Goddard
Limx 9mo £780 I S Bolderston

Cull & Prime Cattle

An improved trade with cows to 167ppkg

Important notice to Farmers - please get Farm Assured if you can, it makes a real difference.


Breeding Cattle

Very good entry and a trade to match
Limx cow with bull calf £2100 Helen Collins
Lim x cow with bull calf £1950 Helen Collins
Parker Cattle had a tremendous run of Black Hereford x Heifers with Lim or Saler calves at foot selling to £1625, £1575, £1550, £1525, £1500, £1475, £1450, £1425.

(41) Calves

Trade jumped today, like a pole vaulter on speed !!
CW Potter topped the market with Blues to £425, £395, £390. Alex Dann sold Blues to £370 with the same breed reaching £352 for RC Rout & Sons and £280 for Tom Crawford. A superb run of Limousins from R. Paterson sold to £382, £362, £330, £295, £290. Angus got in on the act with David Parsons reaching £355 and £302. Black and whites from Alex Dann to £120



SHEEP (1104)

Good numbers forward today with all shapes and sizes enteredf. The best selling very well, second quality a bit easier.
Larger entry than expected with many Farmers clearing up whats left or whats nearly ready due to good prices and the grass situation. Top prices went to Becky Dixon selling qualilty Hoggs to 344.10ppkg and £166 per life.

Standard Lambs (91) 250.00 to 321.60 av 278.30 £80.00 to £114.00 av £97.00
Medium Lambs (181) 260.00 to 344.10 av 287.60 £110.00 to £148.00 av £122.10
Heavy Lambs (205) 260.40 to 33j8.70 av 278.80 £123.00 to £166.00 av £132.50
Heavy + Lambs (196) 211.10 to 330.00 av 252.52 £114.00 to £165.00 av £136.87

Good prices for small entry with Haynford Gardens topping at £152.50 a life.
Standard Lambs (23) 328.50 to 341.00 av 334.72 £114.00 to £133.00 av £122.25
Medium Lambs (10) 302.40 to 352.50 av 332.16 £124.00 to £148.00 av £136.20

(290) Cull Ewes

Largest entry for some time, again Farmers sweeping up the big, bad and the ugly !  but topping at £134 for Nick Gardners Suffolk Ewes.
£7.00 to £134.00 av £100.71

£38.00 to £100.00 av £80.82

Store Hoggs (26)

Nothing to write home about today, mainly rare breeds.
£22.00 to £53.00 av £35.46

GOATS (12)
A nice little entry
Nanny with 2 kids sold to £174 per outfit
Nannies £43.00 to £85.00


Good entry with various breeds, including Manx and Welsh Black all sold per life.
Jade Fryatt of Dereham best of the day to £94.00 per life
£40.00 to £94.00 av £72.62


Entries for future sale to Tim Webster on 07437 101163.