Market Report


Saturday 16th January 2021

Auctioneers: Philip Dale & Tim Webster.


188 Head of Cattle & Calves

144 Store and Breeding Cattle

A very good entry compared to many markets at this time of year and also considering the changing colder climate and snow precipitation, which put a few people off attending, as well as the virus - lets hope for more warming soon.  The beef trade continues to fly high and 99.999% of the population seems to be staying at home and buying meat. Store cattle prices are therefore at very high levels and more than one vendor said "how much" when told what his cattle had realised.
No real strength again today, but plenty of big prices and desperate buyers.
Charx 28mo £1140 NP Key
Simx 16mo £1100 John Doyle
BBx 16mo £990 JC Watson
Charx 20mo £980 NP Key
S/Horn 13mo £900 John Doyle
Charx 20mo £900 NP Key
S/Horn 21mo £880 P.Claxton
Simx 10mo £855 Lambert & Co
Charx 22mo £840 Pearce Farms
Limx 9mo £820 Davis Dairies
Charx 9mo £800 SG Lutkin & Son
S.Devon 21mo £1145 Bures Farm Partners
S.Devon 18mo £980  Bures Farm Partners
S.Devon 19mo £970 Bures Farm Partners
BBx 12mo £880 JC Watson
Charx 22mo £760 Pearce Farms
Limx 8mo £680 Mark Daniels
Charx 8mo £680 SG Lutkin & Son
Limx 8mo £680 AH Renaut & Son
Limx 9mo £680 Mark Daniels
S/Horn 83mo £760 P. Claxton
Hfd 13mo £735 G. Deller
Limx 9mo £700 RM Shaw & AJ Goate
Limx 6mo £650 AH Renaut & Son

(9) Cull & Prime Cattle

A similar Cow trade with a top price of 136ppkg for R. Nunn and £1173 for HM & IC Stiff

Important notice to Farmers - please get Farm Assured if you can, it makes a real difference.


Breeding Cattle

In Calf Cows
Hereford £930 Bures Farm Partners
BBx £925 C. Tuddenham
Hereford £905 C. Tuddenham
Hereford £820 C. Tuddenham
A. Angus £800 C. Tuddenham

(35) Calves

A more difficult calf trade, with a few missing due to the mornings snow. Top quality Blues from CW Potter sold to £390, £380 and £360 with Angus to £180 for Coston Hall, £145 for Tom Crawford and £140 for David Parsons



SHEEP (458)

The weather was correct with snow all morning around Norfolk, a few farmers stayed away, but farmers who made the effort were handsomely rewarded with the highest prices for many a year over all sections.
The trade was "on fire" with only a handful of sheep under 3 figures and these were rare breeds and easycare lambs. The trade was so hot it melted the snow and sold sheep to 357.70ppkg for Alburgh Lamb and £130 per head for John Barnes's lambs.

Standard Lambs (48) 223.40 to 357.70 av 273.88 £84.00 to £127.00 av £103.00
Medium Lambs (176) 226.90 to 309.70 av 269.89 £109.00 to £130.00 av £114.70
Heavy Lambs (58) 234.80 to 268.30 av 253.27 £116.00 to £129.00 av £120.93
Heavy+ Lambs (28) 201.90 to 237.00 av 223.00 £103.00 to £119.00 av £114.70

(51) Cull Ewes

A few good meated ewes forward with good prices achieved and topping at £124 for Bures Farm Partners.
£25.00 to £124.00 av £85.20

£11.00 to £66.00 av £52.25

Store Hoggs (70)

These remain a serious trade with plenty of buyers.
Suffolk x (13) 87.00 to 96.00 av 91.50
Texel x (34) 71.00 to 85.00 av 79.00
Norfolk Horn (10) to 78.00 av 78.00
Zwartable (8) 64.00 to 106.00 av 80.00
XBreeds (5) to 42.00 av 42.00

Breeding Sheep

Blue Texel x Ewes (2) to 148.00 av 148.00
Texel x Ewes (11) 102.00 to 120.00 av 111.00

An entry of 4 ewes and 6 lambs at foot sold for £92.00 per life

A special mention to Michelle Lakey who offered a lamb to be sold for Parkinsons UK and Dementia Charities in honour of her Grandmother who sadly passed away recently. The lamb sold for £160 on the first occasion and was re-offered 8 times and special thanks to all the buyers and donations given from staff and farmers which totalled an impressive sum of £1602 going to the Charities


Entries for future sale to Tim Webster on 07437 101163.