Market Report


Saturday 2nd January 2021

Auctioneers: Philip Dale & Tim Webster.


140 Head of Cattle & Calves

83 Store and Breeding Cattle

As the new year limps in with concerns over COVID and other things, some were keen to get out and do some business. Calf vendors were head with store cattle dependent on quality and size. The beef market is very firm at the moment, which means that the outlook, in the short term is bright.
Quality and style shone through. Strong cattle would have been dear, but we didnt have any. Only one prime forward, however these are also on the up at present.
Hereford 21mo £985 JC Watson
Hereford 28mo £930 NP Key
Limx 21mo £920 NP Key
Red 21mo £890 NP Key
Limx 10mo £825 Davis Dairies
Limx 10mo £805 KM Key & Sons
Limx 10mo £805 Davis Dairies
Limx 11mo £780 Davis Dairies
Limx 9mo £775 JB Delph
Limx 12mo £770 SG Lutkin & Son
Simx 19mo £900 JL Livestock
Limx 9mo £730 JB Delph
Lim 10mo £730 KM Key & Sons
Simx 10mo £680 EJ Loades
Limx 9mo £680 JB Delph
BBx 19mo £680 SG Lutkin & Son
S/Horn 10mo £640 JB Delph
Hereford 21mo £640 JL Livestock
Limx 9mo £635 RM Shaw & AJ Goate
Limx 8mo £570 KM Key & Sons

(1) Cull & Prime Cattle

Hereford x £945 (135ppkg) J. Moore

Important notice to Farmers - please get Farm Assured if you can, it makes a real difference.


Breeding Cattle

Blonde x Cow &  Heifer Calf £975 C. Tuddenham
Piedmontese Cow In Calf £1000   C. Tuddenham

(57) Calves

A very good entry for the time of year drew extra buyers and a fantastic trade, especially for quality. CW Potter hit the heights again with B. Blues to £420, £420, £415, £405, £395, £395, £355, £355, £330 - this shows the undoubted benefits of selling stock close to home !!
Other Blues sold to £350, £348, £348 Alex Dann, £290 RJ Barnes and £270 KL Humphreys. A.Angus again in demand with David Parsons reaching £270, £245 and £225 and Herefords from Tom Crawford made £190. Good Black and Whites were very sought after with Alex Dann reaching £115 and David Parsons £90



SHEEP (269)

A quiet start to 2021 with many farmers holding back and seeing what prices would be like post Brexit. If the prices today are to go by they should be very confident. Thank you to all the buyers for complying with the COVID restrictions and enabling us to conduct a safe sale.

Dearer than ever with smaller lambs at a premium and many farmers holding back wished they had entered some. Rob Britton topped the day with 242ppkg and top price per head went to Paul Littleboy at £106.
Standard Lambs (79) 216.60 to 243.00 Av 229.94 £73.00 to £87.50 Av £80.85
Medium Lambs (60) 217.70 to 234.50 Av 226.53 £94.00 to £102.00 Av £98.75
Heavy Lambs (25)     191.40 to 220.80 Av 210.80 £90.00 to £106.00 Av £100.67
Heavy Plus (7)           176.90 to 187.50 Av 182.77 £100.00 to £105.00 Av £102.67

(27) Cull Ewes

A very small entry today, but were in demand with plenty of buyers. Top price went to Michelle Lakey for ewes to £88.00
£10.00 to £88.00 Av £72.81

£57.00 to £70.00 Av £63.00

Store Lambs (68)

Store Lambs remain firm indicating confidence in 2021. Ian Stiff topped the market with a few Suffolk x Ewe lambs at £84

Texel x (19) £76.00 to £82.50 Av £79.17
Suffolk x (134) £60.00 to £84.00 Av £73.50
Rough Fell (5) to £50.00 Av £50.00
Beltex (1) to £75.00 Av £75.00

Breeding Sheep (4)

A few younger sorts moved from the culls ewes £56.00 to £76.00 av £71.00


Entries for future sale to Tim Webster on 07437 101163.